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Welcome to my Ex-Muslim page of memes and posts. I am the original Arabic Translated Memes and you will see all my work, from earlier years and additions that are donated by other Ex-Muslims. Feel free to share these memes with the text they come with.


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Religion of Peace

religion of peace respect islam otherwise ready for war irony ironic hypocrisy hypocrite


history genocide killings conversions religion of peace apologise crimes


After life and who will enter jannah
Afterlife is a promise of 72 virgins, rivers of milk and honey. But what do women get?


Ramadan hypocrisy respect fasting eating funny
Ramadan hypocrisy respect fasting eating funny


Allah stealing religion sheikh imam poor poverty money
Allah stealing religion sheikh imam poor poverty money


diagram wheel Islamic logic justification quran allah revealed mohammad muhammed truth excuses reason exmuslim ex-muslim


How to become ex-Muslim ex-Muslims exmuslim exmuslims open your mind read this book in full quote quran


scientific error in the Quran 86:7 reproduction originated between backbone and ribs Hippocrates 5th century fluid in the body diffusing from the brain into the spinal marrow before passing kidney via testicle

Infighting in Islam

infighting shia sunni history religion of peace real Islam Ali ray-ban
infighting shia sunni history religion of peace real Islam Ali ray-ban


Quran easy to understand read comprehend 54:17 10,000 arabic books to explain one


slavery women girl nude naked Melk Alyamin What your right hand possess possesses female slaves half documented photos morality owning sex quran 33:50 23:5 23:6 70:27 70: 29 70:30 4:24 4:25 war bounty sold funny infidel freedom morality morally superior hiding behind a stick


Slavery in Islam historical document slaves black selling market documented records

Women Rights

women rights taking off the hijab burqa niqab religion is man made realise massive cult born into leave leaving islam exmuslim ex-Muslim

Mohammad’s life

muhammad mohammed mohammad marriage to Zaynab adopted son Zayd Allah moppet Quran 33:37 man looking up

Seasonal: COVID-19

hadith error black seed seeds sickness death cure sahih bukhari bullshit coronavirus covid19 covid-19 medicine false fake medication

Human Rights

awesome without allah awesomewithoutallah ex-muslim exmuslim exmuslims ex-muslims leaving islam

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