Do we celebrate Black, Asian, or any other race the way we idolize a White person conversion? Be honest!

We are great at pointing what is illogical in other faiths, but have we ever sat down and challenged some of the most ridiculous beliefs we have?

Allah knows everyting?

In the context of Allah, who knows everything that is happening or will happen, the story of the devil tempting Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit is one load of bullshit!!!

What crime is that? Anyone with a child would never throw them out of the house for eating a fruit and then call himself the “all-loving and all-forgiving”! Call social services, this is child abuse. But then you add to this the most ridiculous suggestion that Allah would get angry and kick Adam and Eve out of paradise because over something HE KNEW WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!! If you disagree, then you have to accept that Allah does not know everything and was shocked and surprised to see Adam and Even disobey Him. Now which one is it? Allah knows everything and He had this game played knowing this harmless fruit will be the suffering of humanity making him a sadistic god. Or He is does not know what will happen, He is clueless for anything could happen. He is also not so loving and forgiving as our books claims them to be.

If you still cannot see a problem with this you suffer from conditions known as Doublethink and Cognitive Dissonance – where you are happy to accept two completely oppose facts and you agonies whenever you read something that hurts you religiously belief so your refuse to process it.

Sources of the Quran

When Islamic apologists come along with evidence that Islam is (in principles) no different to Christianity or Judaism but an improved version, we really laugh out loud (LOL)! With a node of head we explain that we know this but we also know that just because has few more valid reasons, does not mean that is the correct faith – especially when the Quran is full of scientific errors and Hadith packed with immoral commands!

We are the Atheist Republic of Pakistan and not the Christian Republic of Pakistan, Jewish Republic of Pakistan, Hindu Republic of Pakistan, or [fill in this blank with any of the other 500 around the world] Republic of Pakistan. Try next door… We are humanist atheist who believe religion is man made and science with its advancements is our salvation from diseases and hunger. Research and technology has saved and fed more humans that any prayer by any religion!! That is a fact!

Praying in the middle of the street!

Do they not have a room at home to pray? Do try not have a space in a park out of the way to pray? Plus, it is night, so it cannot be a Friday Jamaha prayer! No, there is no escape… It is a statement of absolute stubborn blind faith. Look at the guy on the left, he is not even on a matt! It is a statement that say “fuck you all, in your face!” This is religion, you lose your mind in desperation to get into brothel-heaven and believe Skydaddy is directing you to pray in the middle of the street night life. What do they think this will achieve?

They believe in this bullshit idea of fitra and that we are all born Muslims and then we get corrupted to be come other religions. Getting “reintroduced” to Islam is easy. But I am born and bred in Islam, yet I rejected it. It is all bullshit man made religion. And no matter how many times people contact me here to threaten me, it will not change that. I did not take lightly leaving Islam. I did not wake up one morning and said “hmm let me try to be atheist!” Grow up, it is the scientific errors in the Quran and Hadith packed with immoral commands that made me leave Islam. And I bet those boys, if they get to see what me and many Ex-Muslims saw, they will leave Islam too.

Can you imagine, just for one second a group of any other faith of your choice, wakes into an Islamic market and start praying?

What is Doublethink?

It is called “Doublethink”, when people hold two very opposite views to be true. Like the idea that Islam is prefect, let us show the world how perfect it is. But we refuse to allow anyone to come to our countries to give us their version of their faith or lack of faith. Where anyone leaving Islam is called a murtad and is punished with by capital punishment in Conservative Islamic countries or long term prisons in the less Conservative ones. Yet Islam is prefect and can win any argument, evidently no. So many atheist pages are blocked on Islamic countries, no missionaries or open debates on lack of faith allowed, and you believe through your “Doublethink” that this is proof Islam is prefect!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

What is Fitra (innate knowledge) in Islam?

Probably the biggest lie in Islam suggests that we are all born with “intuitive knowledge to seek Allah” and that we are all born Muslims and then we get “corrupted” or “brainwashed” away from Islam. Absolute Bullshit!
If this is true, why are religious classes in our Islamic world so aggressive from such an early age? Why the punishment of beating your child if they miss pray or observe Ramadan? Why the near parrot like rehearsal of the Quran from childhood – if it is in us, then we have it already. Let them grow and they will find it.
No, what Muhammad called “intuitive seeking of Allah” is in fact a human condition to understand its existence and existential fear of death. The Quran uses those two things aggressively. Our existential fear of death is why we humans survived and it was part of our evolution process. Those who did not care about death, died first in battles or in hunting beasts. As we build love for live and to the ones around us, we started to speculate if there is something after we die. To have something after we die, we needed a narrative to explain it. You know animals feel the fear too and mourn their dead too. What they do not evolve is the imagination that we humans have.
When studying the human brain, scientists found that there are people who cannot imagine something they cannot see. For example, if I say imagine an orange coloured coin in your toilet now… Most people can do that. Some cannot do that, unless they see it at least once. Incidentally, those with this problem also do not believe in God and can never believe in one, but they can pretend if their life is at risk. So, God and religion boils down to imagination. And if you were left to grow, there is every possibility you would never believe in Islam. But the need to explain life and hope that their is continuation of some sort, will mean you will use your brains to imagine a solution that will help sleep better at night. Thus, until this day, every corner of the world that has not been touched by missionaries or Dawah, have a unique faith system that resembles nothing but the values and traditions of those people. Where is Allah in this equation?

Out of Jail card!

Imagine having an out of jail card that means whatever crimes, however disgusting they are, will be wiped out by going on one holiday trip to Mecca! I mean what a load of bullshit!!!

Atheists cannot do that!! Atheists cannot abuse someone and tell their judge, I ask forgiveness from my sky daddy and he accepted it… I can go home now. Show me… Show me where in the Quran or Hadith it says some sins are never forgiven even after hajj?

Islam and other religions pictures none believers as animals with no morals but history and facts say something else.

What we also know about that era, is that Waraqah Ibn Nawfal, Muhammad’s maternal uncle, was a priest in Christianity and Judaism. And old man who called peaceful for people to believe in the God of Abraham. But because he did it peacefully, he never was harmed. Muhammad was a lot aggressive in pushing for his version of the faith that drove them to take such action. The question: does religion teach us moral? Is it true that without religion we become animals and immoral. We kill, rape, and steal? We say stop the Bullshit.

There are an estimate 1.2 billion atheists and agnostics people around the world. I see no 1.2 billion killers, rapist, or the criminals. In fact, one study from the USA of federal criminals In USA prison have the following percentage by faith of prisoners is closely related to USA population. In fact, where 10% of prisoners say they are none religion affiliated, this is half of the general population. What about US scientist? The stark difference with the general public could not be any clearer. Nearly 58% are irreligious and do not believe in any god!

Japan and Nordic countries of North Europe are some of the highest atheist population and the lowest crimes.
There you have it. And you thought it would be the the other way around.

Prayer does not work!

How much have we prayed against Israel! Yes… Yes… Rather than answering the posts, dealing with the fact this proves there is no Allah or He has some powerful solid metal earplugs… You will immediately accuse us of being CIA, Mosad, Western spies… Etc.

First, this meme was translated from Arabic. It is Ex-Muslims Arabs asking a simple question… Where are all your prayers? You glorify sky daddy because you passed an exam you studied very hard for it, but not when you fail an exam because you did not study for it. Sky daddy who supposedly knows everything and sees everything but cannot do anything…

Allah is fake… Allah is not real. There is no god… We are here on our own and we need to look inward what we can do to make our lives better. See less

Why debating can seem fruitless!

Why we gave up on debating fundamentalists or brainwashed individuals… It is simple really. They never approach us with any intention to engage. Shut up, stop it, we will report you! Then there are the so called moderates that pretend they intend to engage. Once we show them that we are well informed and we are genuine Ex-Muslims who read the Quran in Arabic many times with the tafseer and we know the Hadith very well, they quickly revert to the same angry tune of the fundamentalists. Which is probably why it prompted some of us to join this page. How quickly a moderate starts talking like a fundamentalists? Losing one single argument!! And there is a very good psychological reason.. It is called “Cognitive Dissonance”.The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result when your beliefs run counter to new information that is presented to you. This is specially painful when the facts are hard to dispute.

Cognitive Dissonance is not restricted to one religion, but the reaction to it differs based on religious teaching. Some learn to ignore it, some learn to accept it, while others who live in a bubble and never seen such things get excessively aggressive and even violent. We say, learn to challenge your faith the same way you want other to challenge their own faith. Read what they have to say, and ask yourself….Do they have a valid point? If not, think carefully and write your response. Do not spam us with verses and irrelevant YouTube videos… This is not going to work.

Don’t we engage in brainwashing?

I grew up believing that all other faiths engage in brainwashing but in Islam, there is no brainwashing.

In Islam we engage the brain with logic and reasoning. We don’t just accept things, we discuss them within red lines. What I did not realise is that we were living inside a filter bubble – a bubble where we could discuss things like how do we know Allah exists, what type of hijab is correct, what is hallal to eat, is this Hadith authentic, and if I swim will that invalidate my fasting. In the world of critical thinking and reasoning, we were given a small sandbox and told “You are allowed to play here..”

Anytime we tried to leave and explore beyond, it was like “haaaayyy where you going??? Go back to your sandbox now”
Things like:
– How come ISIS, AlQaida, Bokoharam, Talban, Wahabies, Brotherhood, and other terrorist cite the Quran and Hadith?
– What does Ω…Ω„Ωƒ Ψ§Ω„ΩŠΩ…ΩŠΩ† “What your right hand possess” means? What do you mean these are women prisoners of war distributed as war bounty among the fighters for use and abuse?
– why did Muhammad have so many wives when Allah destiny was to make him childless (no male heir) like Essa (Jesus) and not like Abraham or Moses? Jesus did not have even one wife!
– How come we say we are the religion of peace, but other faiths don’t have so many terrorists groups like us?
– Why do I see 11 verses in the Quran that clearly say the earth is flat like a rug, carpet, bed, sheet, and spread? Dahaha is a verb, cannot mean an ostrich egg!
– What do you mean this year is the end of time? What do you now change your mind and say next year is the end of time? What do you mean now you have another sign it is the end of time? Haven’t people been talking about the end of time being “this year” for 1400 years???
– Why do we start teaching religion and sectarianism so early? If it is innate to believe in Islam, why not let them find their way? How can we claim our faith is innate but we need to teach it aggressively anyways!! What if we are brainwashed into Islam?

My brothers and sisters know exactly what I am talking about.

Would you accept an invading army with message of peace?

This is not us making this observation, but Arab atheists wondering how ridiculous it is to suggest that anyone would use a book writing in a different language as excuse to invade other nations, impose their Shariah on them, and claim their link to a god is a book written in a foreign language. This is made more ridiculous when you consider how many verses entered the Quran on spear of the moment, based on Muhammad’s needs. Basically, something would happen, people would start asking questions, Muhammad would go home (or to sleep) come back with a verse that this is what Allah wants and here is a verse on things like :

– multiple wives.
– marrying the wife of his son in law.
– sleeping with any woman who overs herself to him (and only him).
– sleep with a slave prophet is not married to.
– reason for failing war of the trench.
– Muhammad correcting Allah!

You can read these here: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Muhammad%27s_Just_In_Time_Revelations

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