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  • The tragic story of the movie “The Message”

    The Message (الرسالة‎ Ar-Risālah) is the first blockbuster movie of Hollywood standards on Muhammad and Islam. In the Middle East it is known as ” Mohammad, Messenger of God”. Released in 1976, it is an Islamic epic drama film directed and produced by Moustapha Akkad (liberal Muslim), chronicling the life and times of the IslamicContinue… Read more

  • Angels’ support for battles

    It is ironic that we have so many #hadiths about angels helping #ProphetMuhammadﷺ win battles. Yet, the one battle he did not win, Muhammad mentions the angels only in the context of “picking up the dead as martyrs”. ISIS, Bokoharam, Taliban Hizbullah, and AlQaida used the same analogy to motivate their fighters during their battles.Continue… Read more

  • Update on Exmuslims on YouTube

    So many ExMuslims are reaching their great potential! 10 years ago, when I started researching Islam, I found only three Arabic Atheist pages on Facebook. That was it. Nothing in English. I googled and found one blog called “peaceful Islam” that was showing how unpeaceful it is. Again…nothing. Nothing on YouTube. Nothing visible on Twitter.Continue… Read more

  • Quran 43:12- Allah made us boats. Or did he?

    Well, actually the earliest ship ever be found is The Pesse canoe is the world’s oldest known ship, dating between 8040 and 7510 BC. That would be 8500 years before Mohammad and much earlier than Islamic estimates of Noah’s ark story. What is Allah doing by helping pagans build a boat?  Beyond that, scientists haveContinue… Read more

  • Human rights Vs Islamophobia

    To call yourself a Human Rights Activist, one would expect you value all human rights? Right? Ask Muslim human rights activists what are their views of apostates of Islam and their rights? What are their views of gender unequal rights in Islam? Ask their views about LGBTQ rights in Islam? Jews, Christians, and non-believers inContinue… Read more

  • Look at how Allah created (blank)

    How easy for the Quran to simply say: “All living beings you see, evolved slowly over millions of years, genetically adapting to their surroundings. All blessed by Allah.” صدق الله العظيم! Instead of hundreds of Ayats (verses) tell us look at this and look at that, Allah created these just for you! But then theContinue… Read more

  • Homosexuality and Islam – brief overview

    Inevitably, there will be less informed people who will point to what they have been brainwashed to believe that homosexuality is “unnatural” and unlike the other religions – the stories of Lut in the Quran are very clear that Allah sees it as an unnatural disease. But again, science proves the Quran is wrong. ToContinue… Read more

  • Is martial rape recognised in Islam?

    Of course, our apologist will try to twist this and say it is weak, but the question, does it not exists? Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘If a man calls his wife to his bed and she refusesContinue… Read more

  • Messenger to every nation Debunked!

    Apologists have tried hard to come up with various ways to explain this but none are satisfactory…The Quran is clear: “And We certainly sent into every nation a Messenger, Worship Allah…” Quran 16:36 The authentic hadith confirms the suggestion that every nation had a prophet/messenger Narrated Ibn `Umar: On the Day of Resurrection the peopleContinue… Read more

  • People of the Elephants Quran 105

    Chapter 105 of the Quran is called Surah El-Fil or The Elephant. It is a very short chapter that goes like this: 1. Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant?2. Did He not make their plan go wrong?3. He sent against them swarms of birds.4. Throwing at themContinue… Read more

  • Jahanam by All-Merciful Allah

    Jahanam is the Quran’s term for Hell. It is supposedly the place where disbelievers will fry for eternity even if they are the best of people. Think of all the nice doctors, researchers, humanitarian volunteers, charity givers, even those who helped Muslims in their time of need – they will fry in Jahanam for eternity.Continue… Read more

  • How did Muhammad die?

    Go ahead. Test your faith. But wait, maybe read what the AUTHENTIC HADITH tells us happened to Muhammad in his final years. How he suffered for four years because of it and eventually killed him. Here is a clue, pssst “he did not eat his dates one morning after a battle.” 狼 Here is theContinue… Read more

  • Sources of Muhammad in writing the Quran

    Muhammad did not come up with new teachings of Islam. Independent historians can see that Islam is based on the religion of Zoroastrianism. They have the identical baraq story where their prophet flew to the 7th heaven to negotiate god about prayers, were in their religions, straight path, heaven, fire, and the eyes of Hadi.Continue… Read more

  • Bilal and racism language in the Quran

    Yes, by today’s standards, some of the language of the Quran and even more the Hadith are considered racist. This verse is one of them From one side Muhammad did free some slaves and did promote Bilal (former slave) as chief caller of prayer. On the other hand, Islam never banned slavery and only slavesContinue… Read more

  • Evolution in Islam dinosaurs.

    Do we have any evidence of the moon Split? Absolutely none. The images that some people share are just trenches on the moon, we have deeper ones on Earth and Islam does not claim the Earth was ever split. What is more, this supposed miracle happened at night when everyone was sleeping. The next miracleContinue… Read more

  • Was the author of the Quran high?

    If you are confused, it is not only you. There are many parts of the Quran that could be attributed to someone high on something! For example, Quran verse 7:1 starts with what we call “abracadabra” verse – which we were told as children “no one knows what it means, it is a mysterious!” YouContinue… Read more

  • Online Dawah Tactics of carrots and sticks!

    Nowadays accepting Islam is a free choice, no pressure. They insist wearing the hijab is a free choice, no pressure. Until one decides to leave it. Then you see what “free choice” they are talking about. The threats Ex-Muslims get mean they do not do the PR videos you see of people converting to Islam.Continue… Read more

  • Brainwashing in Islam 2

    Why Mu’mens get triggered so much when they see a post critical of Islam? Because they don’t want anything challenging their world view. The Quran has mastered the process of brainwashing, Muhammad learned from earlier faiths and Arabian pagans faith. Three things are central to their brainwashing: making you feel special, repeation, and reward systemContinue… Read more

  • The penny drops on the ringing of the bell!

    Wait for the moment when the penny drops!! Yes. Isn’t that shocking..if this was ANY OTHER RELIGION, we would be to scream – how can anyone believe this rubbish. But because it is our beloved Prophet (Peace be Upon Him, the man of mercy, seal of prophets and the final messenger of Allah), we useContinue… Read more

  • Why I don’t believe in Jinns!

    When I used to believe, if I heard a sound in another room or saw anything unusual, I used to freakout thinking this is a Jin. If keys went missing, lost money, had nightmare…it is the Jinns. But when I left Islam, suddenly I see explanations. When temperatures change, thing expand or contract, making minorContinue… Read more

  • Just a humble messenger of Allah, not!

    I could talk about any of these three, but I will talk about the one you probably not heard off – Khumus where the Quran gives Muhammad 20% of all the war bounty share (including women and children) before the remaining 80% is divided across the 10,000+ warriors! Making Muhammad richest person. Read verse 8:41Continue… Read more

  • The sun comes down to Earth, about a mile!

    For the uneducated observer, of course the Sun looks like a ball in the heavens that is hanging not too far in the sky. So, why blame him or the people of his time to believing that if the Sun comes down, it will look a bit bigger but not that big!! Sources of theContinue… Read more

  • Allah makes his Shahada!!

    In Surah 3:18, Allah bizarrely makes a Shahada!! Allāh witnesses that there is no god except Him… Shahada* (Witness testimony)in Islam is a statement that declares Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his humble messenger. But as you start digging, you quickly start noticing a change of tune: Was Muhammad using Allah asContinue… Read more

  • Reflection on pre-islamic women rights.

    It is one of those rare moments when I genuinely don’t know what to say! The hypocrisy of claiming Islam gives women rights when by Islamic traditions, women to stay home and be wives only. Was this the case always before Islam? No. We know the story of Khadijah, she was a rich independent businessContinue… Read more

  • Hitting “lightly” and women’s rights in Islam.

    The suggestion that the verse says ‘lightly’ hit them, is a lie. The online translations with the word lightly, notice the world is done in brackets – meaning added by the translators.. But is it fair to rely on Muslim sources to know how women lived before Islam? Of course they will claim women hadContinue… Read more

  • Traditional marriages – in Islam

    When Mu’mens claim Islam cherished transitional marriages, what the hell are they talking about?Let’s talk through what Islam REALLY considers a marriage:1. Love was rarely a reason of marriage in 7th century Arabia. In the few cases of love stories we see in the form of poetry between two.”crazy” people. Marriage was just a “contractContinue… Read more

  • What are Jinns in Islam?

    Jinn are said to be supernatural creatures that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Not found mentioned anywhere outside Arabia before 7th century. They are mentioned in the Qur’an, hadith, other Islamic texts and Arab folklore. Together, jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah. Like human beings, theContinue… Read more

  • Ridiculous Hadiths

    If you heard a sane person say things like:– Fever heat comes from hell.– They know someone who travelled to outter space on a donkey.– the first man is made of clay and first woman made from his own ribs.– a man was able to fit a pair of every animal on earth in oneContinue… Read more

  • Shariah law doesn’t work!

    I grow up believing Shariah will deliver our utopia.As I matured, I realised Shariah Law is 7th century justice that is inhumane and does not work. For however good intentions are, we humans make mistakes. And who will judge someone to be a thief, liar, killer, or adulterer? Humans. Our current laws means that ifContinue… Read more

  • Boycotting: who is next?

    Now apparently there is a video in which some restaurant in China has reused tiles in which the Name Allah and Muhmmad are walked all over them…and no one in the Arab or Islamic world moved to say anything. Can you imagine if this was a restaurant in Paris or London? Here is the video:Continue… Read more

  • Women and dogs in Islam –

    The Hadith proves the author of Islam is Muhammad himself and he had a personal vendetta against women and dogs (specifically black dogs). Sources: Sahih al-Bukhari 2658Narrated Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri:The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This isContinue… Read more

  • Sexual harassment of women in Mecca during Hajj.

    What would be more sacred place to be safe for women who are even wearing Hijab? Mecca? While doing the Hajj and around Kaaba under watchful eyes of Allah? Think again: I would have never believed this if it was not an experience I heard from someone I loved and trusted. My grandmother, reflecting onContinue… Read more

  • The psyche behind sudden religiosity during the Exam period.

    This issue of becoming more “religious” around the exam period is a repeated phenomena I see among those who feel they have not been “best” believer and need to fix it quickly before an exam. All year round, they may not always pray, they may fast but not always be able to hold up, theyContinue… Read more

  • Other gods talk in the Quran!!

    I have been researching Islam for more than 30 years of my life. In the last ten years alone, I focused on issues with Islam. I have come across over 200 scientific errors in the Quran, even more in the Hadiths. I have come across many shocking immoral commands in the Quran and Hadith! IContinue… Read more

  • Travel Dua

    There is no evidence that Islamic Dua has ever stopped a car from crashing or a plane from falling. It gives the readers a false sense of security that is based on nothing other than hochuspokus (random words). If you consider that no one is listening or responding, then we start taking health and safelyContinue… Read more

  • Adam story part 2

    Part 2 of 2: When Satan refused to prostrate to Adam, Satan said, “Reprieve me until the day they are resurrected.” Quran (7:14) 1- How did Satan know that humans will have a day of resurrection and Adam has not sinned or ejected from heaven yet? 2- Why did he talk in plural (they)? HowContinue… Read more

  • Adam story part 1

    Part 1 of 2: My fellow brothers and sisters will point out that the Quran never mentioned the apple but it did mention “forbidden tree” and leave everything else to our imagination:Chapter:7“˹Allah said,˺ “O Adam! Live with your wife in Paradise and eat from wherever you please, but do not approach this tree, or elseContinue… Read more

  • The current Dawah are helping Exmuslims movement

    The current Dawah movement in the West is led by those four clowns. I call them clowns because each and every one of them has developed a brand self centered on key characteristics that is actually helping the Exmuslim movement. – Ali Dawah and is ever cringing clickbait video titles. I genuinely wanted to hearContinue… Read more

  • Miracles of Muhammad – no evidence!

    Do we have any evidence of the moon Split? Absolutely none. The images that some people share are just trenches on the moon, we have deeper ones on Earth and Islam does not claim the Earth was ever split. What is more, this supposed miracle happened at night when everyone was sleeping. The next miracleContinue… Read more

  • Gender mixing in Islam: impractical

    There are several impracticality issues that have come up when Islamic Shariah installed restrictive rules in gender mixing, Hijab, and marriages. Moderate and extremist Islamists were left trying to figure out solutions to them. In all cases, you can take a wild guess who ends up the winner “men” and why? Because Islam is aContinue… Read more

  • Islam: Adam used to be 18 meters tall!

    There are three fundamental problems with this claim: 1. Given the earth gravity, this human would have collapsed under their own weight. The tallest dinosaur is 18 meters. It is simply not possible. 2. All archeological evidence collected turned out large dinosaur bones – never humans. Even when we found humanoids from the human evolutionContinue… Read more

  • Is there free speech in Islam?

    Anyone who says that Islam respects free speech or freedom of religion does not even understand the basic history of Islam or Islamic teachings. Starting with Muhammad, he did not tolerate critics or people who used poetry or politics to challenge him. From Abu Lahab who ended up being cursed in the Quran and killedContinue… Read more

  • Clouds are heavy – Quranic miracle debunked!

    Heavy also means full of water in Arabic. And that is what he is not saying in the video. In the context of that verse that talks about thunder and lightning, the reference to heavy meaning is full of water.This is confirmed by Ibn Kathir tafsir: If you want to know what the Quran saysContinue… Read more

  • Iron from sky debunked

    Iron falling from the sky must be the most exhausted miracle of the Quran that has been milked by Dawah pages for the last five years. We now know that Iron is falling from the sky is a well known fact in Muhammad’s time. Ancient Egyptians used iron from meteorites as daggers for their kingsContinue… Read more

  • Foreskin in Islam

    Isn’t Allah معصوم عن الخطأ, i.e. makes no mistake! Explain how Allah would make for a man with a foreskin and then tell us it is bad, now cut it off!! Any time I hear all those “scientific” justifications for circumcision only make me question the faith more. But then, the reality is that nearlyContinue… Read more

  • The story of Coptic Maryam/ Mary and Quran 66:1

    The Story of Mariam The Copt:Adultery is a concept understood by all humans beings regardless of faith or lack of faith except the law of Mohammed .. Because in the divine legislation of the Quran Is yet again another out of jail card for Muhammad .. In Quran 66:1:“O Prophet! Why do you prohibit ˹yourself˺Continue… Read more

  • Even scientists who save lives are going to Jahanam!

    The discoverer of the vaccine is Dr Jones Salk. Despite the fact Dr Salk had saved more children lives and human sufferings than any Islamic leader has done, accounting to the clear interpretation of the Quran – he will fry in hell for eternity because he is Jew. SubhanAllah. Apologists who struggled with this notionContinue… Read more

  • Who was writing the Quran, 2.

    If there was never evidence who is writing the Quran, chapter 33: Zaynab was married to Zaid, Muhammad’s adopted son. One day Muhammad paid a visit to Zaid’s house. Not expecting Muhammad, , Zaynab answered the door dressed in a revealing garment, and Muhammad immediately developed a desire for her. When Zaid learned of theContinue… Read more

  • Charity to non- Muslims is not charity!

    On the issue of donating to none Muslims, some scholars say it is absolutely haram (forbidden) while the majority say you can do it but expect no hassanat (good deeds that Allah counts towards your action) in heaven. So basically, you might as well throw the money in the sea!! And specifically, the idea ofContinue… Read more

  • A cow that talks – in the Hadith!

    Source: This is among many thing that are ridiculous in the faith. And when they came across a valley of ants, an ant she said*, “O ants! Go quickly into your homes so Solomon and his armies do not crush you, unknowingly.” Quran 27:18 Now few translators struggled with the suggestion that the QuranContinue… Read more

  • Another Hadith fairytale : Adam’s height

    There are three fundamental problems with the Islamic claim of Adam and Eve. Let’s start with the hadith above: 1. Given the earth gravity, this human would have collapsed under their own weight. The tallest dinosaur is 18 meters. It is simply not possible. 2. All archeological evidence collected turned out large dinosaur bones –Continue… Read more

  • “People know Islam is true, but reject it” – debunked!

    Allah supposedly had determine everything from the start of time, including who will believe and not believe…this is the ultimate bullshit you get from a fath insists that Allah an obsessive controlling in the image of his author!! List to these verses and make up your own mind: Quran 10:100 “And it is not forContinue… Read more

  • Secret second wife in Islam

    If you want to watch (and laugh), I strongly recommend you view this video: But who are these Dawah people trying to imulate? Muhammad, of course. Muhammad was supposedly a humble messenger of Allah. To follow everything Allah told him to do. But when Allah said maximum of four wives, Muhammad had at the timeContinue… Read more

  • We are ALL MUSLIMS until you leave us alone for a moment.

    We are all 1.8 billion people in Islam until you leave us alone… And then we are Sunni, Wahabies, Salafes, Shia, Alawaits, Sufi, Ahmadi, and this is just a tip of the iceberg. Within the same sects are the liberals, moderates, and fundamentalists. From early Islam, we had started killing each other – far longContinue… Read more

  • Claims of scientific miracles of the Quran – debunked

    While Dawah pages will make up new miracles every day as they compete for gullible audience, there is one response that has worked for me. So take a note of it. Iron falling from the sky must be the most exhausted miracle of the Quran that has been milked by Dawah pages for the lastContinue… Read more

  • Islam, the fastest growing religion. What does that really mean?

    It is a statement that really means nothing but somehow it is marketed as “evidence Islam is right!” Let me remind them that at one time, ancient Egyptian religion was the fastest growing one, this was beaten by the Roman and their fastest growing religion, and if you look East, Buddhist and Hindu was theContinue… Read more

  • Miracle of flying birds in Islam

    Islam claimed through the Quran that bird flying is a miracle of Allah and that Allah holds the birds up in the sky. “Do they not look at the birds, held poised in the midst of (the air and) the sky? Nothing holds them up but (the power of) Allah. Verily in this are signsContinue… Read more

  • Daniel’s car crash debate with InspiringPhilosophy

    Every time a debate involving Daniel against non-Muslims or other Muslims with unconventional views – a circus  of Abduls and Aishas follow with pre-scripted comments like:– You have been completely destroyed!– You have been humiliated!– Close your channel, you are done!– Science proves Islam is true! Worse more you get non-muslims who kind ofContinue… Read more

  • Brainwashing in Islam

    I grew up believing that all other faiths engage in brainwashing but in Islam, there is no brainwashing. In Islam we engage the brain with logic and reasoning. We don’t just accept things, we discuss them within red lines. What I did not realise is that we were living inside a filter bubble – aContinue… Read more

  • Earth in a whale

    If you ask me to find the source of this Hadith, the answer is simple – they have pushed it under the carpet and buried. I was told it is in the Tafsir of a verse, if you find it, let me know. Yes, not everything that was narrated and shared…and believed for 1350 yearsContinue… Read more

  • Shaytan (Iblees) is chained up during Ramadan

    And just in case you thought this is just one Hadith and it is likely to be weak, hold onto your horses, it is repeated 17 times and it is all Sahih! Even the most experienced mental gymnastics Islamists who would throw his mother under the bus to save Islam, struggles with this one!Continue… Read more

  • Does praying to Allah work?

    Life expectancy has doubled in the last 100 years to 80 years old not from praying more to Allah, but from science and research. For 1400 years we never seen such progress in humanity until we realised no Allah or any god(s) are listening. We need to fend for ourselves… No dates, to black seed,Continue… Read more

  • The Heavenly books corruption argument – another BS.

    The Islamic argument why the Quranic teachings are different to the Torah and the Bible is that “people corrupted” these books. Let us see:1. The Quran was only put as one book 20 years after Muhammad died!! Before that, it was scattered as scrolls written on stones, leather, and bits of papers. Why Muhammad orContinue… Read more

  • The real meaning of Nikah!

    If you are Arab, and you read the verse against all the English translations, you will realise they ALL lied about one specific word because they are embarrassed by it,  the word Nikah (نكاح). See in the Quran the word love is NEVER mentioned once in context of marriage. One translation is found but onlyContinue… Read more

  • Many reasons for leaving Islam

    Honestly, I cannot tell you how many messages I get from people who think that people who leave Islam (this perfect religion) could probably have one or two silly reasons!! Most assume we are confused, influenced by Western media, chasing after our worldly desires…or just stupid! So when I start by saying: “I left IslamContinue… Read more

  • Who built the Kaaba first?

    The claim that Adam built the Kaaba is not in the Quran, but in the Hadith and there is some dispute about its authenticity as it partly contradicts the Quran – although apologists suggest that Adam built it first and it got neglected destroyed over time, so Abraham fixed it. Why doesn’t the Quran sayContinue… Read more

  • Quran regularly forgets the grandparents, why?

    As funny as these ridiculous verses are, for the none eagle eye among you, you may have missed yet again another odd thing – Muhammad does not mention the grandparents!! This is the same issue we have with verse 4:23. Here is the verse 4:23˹Also˺ forbidden to you for marriage are your mothers, your daughters,Continue… Read more

  • Blackseed is no Miracle!!

    Yet, another bullshit…. We have been living this for 1400 years now… And the ridiculous science of it does not hit us…because when you are blinded by the faith, you want to believe it even when it is so wrong and you know it is wrong. The black seed cannot make a cold go awayContinue… Read more

  • Battle of Eid and moon sightings.

    Now the battles of Eid starts. Some countries celebrate on one day and others on another day. Why? Isn’t there one moon rotating around the Earth? No. It is because in Islam someone has to see it using their eyes (no telescope) – or at least the main sects of Islam believe this. Some moreContinue… Read more

  • Iron falling from the sky Miracle of the Quran debunked

    Iron falling from the sky must be the most exhausted miracle of the Quran that has been milked by Dawah pages for the last five years. We now know that Iron is falling from the sky is a well known fact in Muhammad’s time. Ancient Egyptians used iron from meteorites as daggers for their kingsContinue… Read more

  • The story of Safiya

    Safiyah bint Huyayy (صفية بنت حيي‎, c. 610 – c. 670) (also spelled Saffiya, Safiyya, Safiya bint Huyai) was the bride of Kinana and the chief mistress of the Jewish tribes of Quraiza and An-Nadir. Muhammad captured and married her after killing her all the men in her tribe including her family. When the IslamicContinue… Read more

  • Umm Qirfa’s story in Islam

    Umm Qirfa was an elderly Arab woman contemporaneous to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. She is said to have belonged to a pagan tribe named Banu Fazara at the valley of al-Qurra. The elderly woman was also said to be a chief of her clan, which was brutally killed when Muhammad and his followers raided and overpowered them. The attack took place almost sixContinue… Read more

  • Allah stops the sky from falling

    Another scientific error in the Quran: The sky can fall in pieces of clouds!!!!! And ONLY Allah is holding the sky from falling….🤣🤣😘 The Quran describes the sky as a ceiling held up by Allah that can fall to earth or fragments break off and fall on someone. The earth’s atmosphere is simply made ofContinue… Read more

  • The Night of Power!!

    Laylat AlQadir, or the night of POWER! Is stated in the Quran to be a miraculous night when the angels descend on Earth and peace takes hold and all the prayers get accepted. Wait, aren’t angels always with us recording our deeds? No wait. What is special about this night? It is supposedly the nightContinue… Read more

  • Exmuslim movement on YouTube growing: Three months update.

    So many ExMuslims are reaching their great potential! 10 years ago, when I started researching Islam, I found only three Arabic Atheist pages on Facebook. That was it. Nothing in English. I googled and found one blog called “peaceful Islam” that was showing how unpeaceful it is. Again…nothing. Nothing on YouTube. Nothing visible on Twitter.Continue… Read more

  • Almahdi of Shia

    Happy 1141 years in hiding! In my research of Islam, I took huge interest in how Shia and Sunni look differently on the story of the Mahdi. And I have some bad news. The Wahabi sources insist he was killed and buried in an unmarked grave in the desert of Iraq. I know you willContinue… Read more

  • The Prophet did not marry for sex – debunked.

    Well, actually, there is a dispute among scholars if Aisha had even menstruated when Muhammad had sex with her. But let’s assume she did. This is a reminder why Muhammad and the Quran cannot be considered our symbol of morality for all times: There are two issues here. One, the Quran does not set aContinue… Read more

  • Black dogs and Islam

    Arabic and Islamic social media went absolutely bunkers when a cute cat jumped on a Shiekh while he was praying and looked all happy. My brothers and sisters are filling up comments on how our prophet LOVED cats and they are clean. Just imagine, just for one moment, that it was a black dog!! Why?Continue… Read more

  • The horror of being Exmuslim in Ramadan

    For many people, Ramadan is a horror movie that lasts a whole month. They take risks every day just to have a sip of water or eat while no one is watching In the Gulf states nearly everyone does not fast yet everyone pretends they are fasting. Home food delivery foods jump 400% during theContinue… Read more

  • Scientific Miracles of the Quran are no miracles.

    You probably seen or heard hundreds of Islamic claims and YouTube videos of scientific miracles of the Quran. But have you checked the debunks of these claims? Take the claim I find very common that the Quran makes a miraculous claim when it says: “….And We created from water every living thing. Will they notContinue… Read more

  • Which Islam do you belong to?

    We are all Islam, until you join (or grow up) and then you get to realise we are not all Islam. We are Sunni, Shia, Suffi, Ismaili, Salafai, Wahabi, Ahmadi and many more. And each claims to be the “true” authentic Islam. And gets worse, while in the open they try to be civil, inContinue… Read more

  • The Sheikh business model

    The term Sheikh, Dawah, Imams, and Islamic scholars are not terms Muhammad or the Quran suggested. Muhammad was very clear to.distance Islam from the role of priests and missionaries that he saw as corrupted individuals making money from the poor, selling them lies and motivated by money. In addition, Muhammad also saw these roles asContinue… Read more

  • Sharia-gram milestone: 4000 followers

    I want to thank each and every one who is following my page. Today, on Sharia-gram I reached 4000 followers. Without your support, I would not be able to reach people. I also want to give a big thank you to all those who share my memes. When you share, they spread and spread. IContinue… Read more

  • Placebo effect of Islamic treatments

    To understand why sometimes people believe that reciting the Quran or fasting or praying or eating dates or black seeds or drinking camel piss or any number of ridiculous things we believe will work – you need to learn about a well know scientific term called: Placebo Effect. It is defined as: The placebo effectContinue… Read more

  • How our Mullahs fixed Ramadan fasting in the Quran.

    If you are fasting for 10, 12, 18,  or even 20 hours a day, do not complain!! Feel for those living in or near the poles.  According to Islamic laws set out in the Qur’an, the keeping and breaking of a fast are related to times of sunrise and sunset which do not occur nearContinue… Read more

  • Source of terrorism comes from the Quran

    For a religion that claims to be “perfect” and most “peaceful” one would have expected out extremist to be extremely prefect and extremely peaceful…and the minute you ask that question and realise how stupid it is…the sooner you start your journey out of Islam! #ISIS don’t understand Islam, #Bokoharam does not understand Islam, #AlQaida doesContinue… Read more

  • Corruption in Islamic countries

    I would say Islamic countries are no different to most other third world countries, but this is not true. We hold 9 out of 10 bottom positions for worse corrupted countries including several with the world Islamic in the country titles or supposedly apply Islamic shariah.  It is having many ways to clean your sinsContinue… Read more

  • Islamic heaven, is it what everyone wants?

    What does the Quran says about heaven? “(Here is) a Parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised: in it are rivers of water incorruptible; rivers of milk of which the taste never changes; rivers of wine, a joy to those who drink; and rivers of honey pure and clear….” Quran 47:15 “Fair onesContinue… Read more

  • If Ramadan is healthy, this will be the ultimate test:

    To call fasting healthy, you would recommend it to anyone. You would recommend it for children, for the elderly, for the able and disabled, for pregnant women, for people recovering from illness and even sometimes for people who are ill and it would be good for both body and mind. Now, go through that aboveContinue… Read more

  • Ramadan and eating in public

    It goes back to the lie that they have used all along “Eating in public hurts my feeling” No it does not. Most people who are fasting come across it all the time. Many are home during the day. In their households are children and elderly who eat because it is allowed for them. Mother’sContinue… Read more

  • Impractical Ramadan and how we try to fix it 2

    On Earth we pray and do 17 rakat (posturing on the floor) a day part of five prayers a day. But with 16 sunrises and sunset on the International Space Ship this comes up to 260 rakat. If an average prayer takes 10mins 80 prayers a day comes up to 800 mins or 12 hoursContinue… Read more

  • How rich people outsmarted Allah.

    Many have become creative, outsmarting Allah and Muhammad in Ramadan. In many Islamic countries, they switch day with night. Everything almost shuts down during the day, except essential services manned by the poor people and everything opens at night. It is much easier if you are well off and do not need to work. ThisContinue… Read more

  • Is Ramadan healthy?

    I have three tests that prove Ramadan was and is not healthy or good for you. Here they are: All the intermittent fad diets we see do not reassemble Ramadan. We have three MASSIVE differences between intermittent diets and Ramadan fasting: Do you still believe Ramadan is healthy? You are brainwashed like the doctor in exampleContinue… Read more

  • Impracticalities of Ramadan and how we try to fix them.

    Ramadan is upon us, and my brothers and sisters who “pretend” they look forward to it. But feel for those living in the pole. According to Islamic laws set out in the Qur’an, the keeping and breaking of a fast are related to times of sunrise and sunset which do not occur near the PolesContinue… Read more

  • Issues with loud Adaan (call for prayers)

    Where I used to live, it is like a competition time when the prayer comes about…the speakers start blasting. No sooner one starts, the others start and with echoes from other mosques miles and miles away…the whole world becomes blasted with incomprehensible noise that we have learned over the years to tune it out. WeContinue… Read more

  • Ramadan post

    Why Muslims become more “Muslims” in Ramadan than any other months? It is in the belief rightly or wrongly that they can do almost whatever they want any other months and this month if they behave, pray, and fast…Allah will forgive them for their other sins. And Muhammad indirectly hinted at that. From suggesting thatContinue… Read more

  • Zakir Naik Money!

    Of course, we have heard of this before, and he was not deported. However, several news agencies say Oman is looking into deporting Zakir Naik. In case you forgot, he is accused of having $28million dollars in flats all in his direct family members names. We all know about his poor upbringing. Now, ask yourself,Continue… Read more

  • Ramadan Marketing

    To be fair, we do not know if this is an accident or intentionally. If I am skeptical, I will say an accident. But here are some facts, in the Gulf states nearly everyone does not fast yet everyone pretends they are fasting. Home food delivery foods jump 400% during the day in Ramadan. RestaurantsContinue… Read more

  • Social Media mass reporting problem

    If you are an ExMuslim page or a page that critically reviews Islam, you need to make a copy of this meme! #Fatwabook , #shariagram, and #twittersan have a pandemic problem with reporting. They have allowed E-Jihadists who are not happy with ExMuslims sharing their views as to “why they left Islam” be reported andContinue… Read more

  • Ramadan and intermittenting fasting

    Islam works on guilt. It know each Abdul and Aisha will sin and then you are on a treadmill, running constantly to clean yourself. However you pray, fast, or do good, you know it is not enough. So, in desperation, they hope few insults and defending Islam, Allah will forgive them for their “few slips”Continue… Read more

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