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Infighting has dragged for as long as Islam ever existed. We maybe 1.9 billion until you leave us on our own, and then you realise we are many different fractions and sects – all claiming to be the real Islam.

Religion of Peace historical test!

We see today internal fighting in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even parts of Iran. The two have taken their territorial fighting to parts of West Africa, Pakistan, and migrants in Australia and Europe. Let’s see the religion of peace Sunni verse Shia fighting before we had the west and CIA to blame for all our violence:

Khalifa Era:
-Othman (3rd Khalifa of Islam) was killed by one of them.
– Ali (4th Khalifa son in law of Muhammad) was killed by one of them.
– In a battle of Camel between “Ali” and “Aisha” (the site of the camel) ..both sides shouted “Allahu Akbar” before killing each other
– In a battle between “Ali” and “Muawiyah”…both sides shouted “Allahu Akbar” before killing each other.
– In a battle between “Ali” and “his followers” (Nahrawan) …both sides shouted “Allahu Akbar” before killing each other

Amawi Era:
– Then Hussein (grandson of Muhammad) was killed and beheaded by one of them.
– Al-Hassan (another grandson of Muhammad) was poisoned one of them.
– Two missionaries, “Talha and Al-Zubayr”, were killed by one of them.
-In a battle between “Al-Hussein” and “Yazid” .. 73 members of the Messenger of God’s family were slaughtered by one of them.
– In the battle to quell the “Madina Revolt” against the rule of the “Umayyads” in anger at the killing of Hussein … 700 immigrants and supporters were killed by 12,000 Muslimof Umayyad forces.
– In the (Free Battle), in which the Umayyad army led “Muslim ibn Uqba,” his friend, the companion, the stronghold of Maqal ibn Sinan al-Ashja’i .. and killed him!
– “Abu Lahab” and “Abu Jahl” (both pagans from Muhammad days) did not dare to hit the “Kaaba” with the catapult and demolished parts of it … but “Al-Husayn Bin Nameer”, the commander of Abdul Malik bin Marwan’s army, did it during their siege of Mecca.
– The “infidels” did not dare to offend the Messenger of God Mosque by pissing in it.. but the commander of the army of Yazid Bin Muawiya transformed the mosque for three nights into a stable, in which horses urinated!
– In the succession of Abd al-Malik bin Marwan: Abd Allah ibn al-Zobayr was killed by one of them.
– In the succession of Hisham bin Abd al-Malik: Zaid bin Zain al-Abidin bin Al-Hussein (descended from the Prophet’s descendants) was not only killed … rather, they crucified him naked at the door of Damascus .. for four years … then they burned him.
-Then the Commander of the Faithful, Marwan bin Al-Hakam, was killed one of them.
– Then the Commander of the Faithful, Omar bin Abdul Aziz, was killed one of them.
– Then the Commander of the Faithful, Al-Walid bin Yazid, was killed one of them.
– Then the Commander of the Faithful, Ibrahim ibn al-Walid, was killed one of them.
– Then the last Umayyad caliphs were killed .. by “Abu Muslim Al-Khursani”.

Abbasi Era:
-“Abu al-Abbas” – the first Abbasid caliph – killed everyone who was descended from the descendants of the Umayyad sons of the caliphs.
– He gave his orders to his soldiers to unearth the graves of Amawi Era leaders in “Damascus”, so he exhumed the tomb of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan and found nothing in it except a thread, and exhumed the tomb of Yazid bin Muawiyah and found in it a wreck like ashes, and exhumed the tomb of Abdul-Malik and found it true that only his rabbit had been destroyed, and he struck him with whips … .. and burn it .. and blast it in the wind.
– In a battle whose two sides were “Ansar Abu Muslim” and “Abbasid Army” .. Thousands of Muslims were killed
– The Durr tree killed Ezz al-Din Aybak and the wife of Aybak killed the Durr tree by throwing clogs.

In all of the above:
Those who “were killed” were wanting an Islamic state And those who “were killed” were seeking an different Islamic caliphate …

So, next time someone tell you Islam is religion of peace and all the violence we see is invented by the west and CIA, ask them…do you even know your history???

Infighting within same sect!

We are all 1.6 billion people in Islam until you leave us alone… And then we are Sunni, Wahabies, Salafes, Shia, Alawaits, Sufi, Ahmadi, and this is just a tip of the iceberg. Within the same sects are the liberals, moderates, and fundamentalists. From early Islam, we had started killing each other – far long before we had the West and CIA to blame! Just scroll down our page and see.

From the last 100 years only, we have examples of this in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, and Bangladesh. Each one of these have history of either fighting each other or within them fighting involving moderate verses fundamentalists.

Moderates are right when they say they have been the biggest victims of Islamic fundamentalists. They too are responsible for it. They refuse to allow open debate, liberty to express lack of faith, for only then we are able to debate the extremist and shocking content of Islam. And having more irreligious, agnostics, and atheists in our society is healthy in allowing a challenge to the fundamentalists narrative. Would a person who knows their faith is not prefect, may still want to believe it.. But will they still be willing to die for it?

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