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“All lies. No one leaves Islam!”

“No one ever leaves Islam! You are liars!” is how blind some people to the growing number of Ex-Muslims leaving Islam. But if you insist, here is a sample of famous people who left Islam.

Afshin Ellian – Iranian-Dutch professor of law, philosopher, poet.
Ahmed Harqan – Egyptian human rights activist and outspoken atheist.
Ahmed Sharif – Bangladeshi humanist book seller, human rights activist and secular humanist.
Al-Ma’arri – blind Arab philosopher, poet and writer.
Alexander Aan – Indonesian atheist and ex-Muslim of Minang descent, who was attacked by an mob and arrested in 2012 for posting “God does not exist” and other antireligious writings on Facebook, attracting international attention.
Ali A. Rizvi – Pakistani-born Canadian physician, writer and ex-Muslim activist.
Ali Soilih – Comorian socialist revolutionary; president of the Comoros.
Ali Dashti – Iranian rationalist and member of Iranian Senate.
Aliaa Magda Elmahdy – Egyptian internet activist and women’s rights advocate.
Aliyah Saleem – British secular education campaigner, writer and market researcher, activist and co-founder of advocacy group Faith to Faithless.
Anwar Shaikh – British author of Pakistani descent.
Aroj Ali Matubbar – self-taught Bangladeshi philosopher.
Arzu Toker – German-speaking writer, journalist, publicist, translator of Turkish descent, cofounder of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany.
As’ad Abu Khalil – Lebanese professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus. He describes himself as an “atheist secularist”.
Asif Mohiuddin – Bangladeshi blogger and secularist.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Somali-born Dutch feminist, writer, and politician.
Ayaz Nizami – Pakistani Islamic Scholar became atheist, Founder of realisticapproach.org. an Urdu website about atheism, and Vice President of Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan. He is currently detained under the charges of blasphemy and could face the death penalty.
Ayman Odeh – Israeli politician.
Aziz Nesin – popular Turkish humorist and author of more than 100 books.
Barack Obama Sr. – Kenyan senior governmental economist, and the father of 44th U.S. President Barack Obama.
Bisi Alimi – Nigerian gay rights activist based in the United Kingdom.
Bonya Ahmed – Bangladeshi-American author, humanist activist and blogger, wife of Avijit Roy; hacked to death after receiving threats related to his promotion of secular views.
Charles Wardle – former militant convert to Islam from New Zealand. Worked for the NZSIS.
E. A. Jabbar – Indian ex-Muslim, orator, writer, retired school teacher of Kerala. Editor of Yukthiyugam Malayalam Magazine.
Ebru Umar – Dutch columnist of Turkish descent, critic of Islam and of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Enver Hoxha – Communist dictator who declared Albania the first atheist state, and who has been identified as an “arch-atheist.”
Faik Konitza – Albanian stylist, critic, publicist and political figure that had a tremendous impact on Albanian writing and on Albanian culture at the time.
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar – Iraqi-born satirist, human rights activist, writer, founder of the Global Secular Humanist Movement (GSHM).
Farhan Akhtar – Indian actor, singer, songwriter, playback singer, producer and television host.
Fauzia Ilyas – founder of Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan.
Fazıl Say – Turkish pianist, sued for having expressed his atheism publicly.
Hafid Bouazza – Moroccan-Dutch writer.
Hamed Abdel-Samad – German-Egyptian political scientist, historian and author.
Hassan Bahara – Moroccan-Dutch writer.
Humayun Azad – Bangladeshi author, poet, scholar and linguists.
Inkulab – Tamil rationalist poet/writer and Marxist activist. Born as Sakul Hameed.
Irfan Habib – Indian Historian.
Ismael Adham – Egyptian writer and philosopher.
Ismail Kadare – world-renowned Albanian writer.
Ismail Mohamed (activist) – Egyptian atheist human rights activist, host of The Black Ducks programme.
Javed Akhtar – noted Indian writer and lyricist.
Kacem El Ghazzali – Moroccan-Swiss writer and activist.
Kareem Amer – Egyptian blogger.
Kumail Nanjiani – Pakistani American stand-up comic and actor.
Lounès Matoub – Algerian Berber Kabyle singer.
Maryam Namazie – Iranian communist, political activist and leader of the British apostate-organization Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.
Mina Ahadi – Iranian-born pacifist, founder of the German apostate-organization “Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime”
Mirza Fatali Akhundov – 19th century Azerbaijani playwright and philosopher.
Muhammad Syed – Pakistani American speaker and political activist. Co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America.
Nahla Mahmoud – Sudanese-born British writer, secularist, environmentalist, and human rights activist, and spokesperson for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.
Parvin Darabi – Iranian born American activist, writer and woman’s rights activist.
Pelin Batu – Turkish actress and television personality.
Rahaf Mohammed – Saudi Arabian refugee in Canada whose January 2019 flight attracted international attention and involved diplomatic intervention.
Ramiz Alia – Albanian communist leader and former president of Albania.
Rana Ahmad – Saudi Arabian refugee in Germany, author, women’s rights activist and founder of the Atheist Refugee Relief.
Salman Rushdie – British-Indian novelist and essayist.
Sam Touzani – Belgian actor, TV presenter, choreographer and comedian with Moroccan roots, critic of both the far-right and Islamism.
Sarah Haider – American writer, speaker, political activist and co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America.
Sarmad Kashani – seventeenth-century mystical poet and sufi saint, arrived from Persia to India, beheaded for assumed heresy by the Mughal emperor, Aurungzebe. Sarmad renounced Judaism, briefly converting to Islam and then Hinduism. He later denounced all religions and rejected belief in gods.
Sibel Kekilli – German actress of Turkish origin, known for her role as ‘Shae’ in Game of Thrones.
Kekili was raised as a Muslim, but does not belong to any religion anymore, and although she stated she respects all religions, has criticised the physical mistreatment of women in Islam.
Sherif Gaber – Egyptian political activist and blogger.
Sofia Ashraf – Indian rapper and singer.
Taslima Nasrin – Bangladeshi author, feminist, human rights activist and secular humanist.
Turan Dursun – Turkish writer. He was once a Turkish mufti and later authored many books critical of Islam.
Valon Behrami – Kosovo-born Swiss professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Watford.
Waleed Al-Husseini – Palestinian philosopher, essayist, writer, blogger and co-founder of Council of Ex-Muslims in France [fr] (CEMF).
Zackie Achmat – South African anti-HIV/AIDS activist; founder of the Treatment Action Campaign.
Zara Kay – Tanzanian-Australian activist, founder of Faithless Hijabi.
Zineb El Rhazoui – Moroccan-born French journalist and former columnist for Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Zoya Akhtar – Indian director and screenwriter became agnostics.
Abdullah al-Qasemi – one of the most controversial intellectuals in the Arab world because of his radical change from defending Salafism to defending atheism and rejecting organized religion.
Cenk Uygur – Main host of the liberal talk radio show The Young Turks. He is an agnostic.
Fareed Zakaria – Indian-American CNN host. He is a self described secular and non practicing Muslim. He added: “My views on faith are complicated—somewhere between deism and agnosticism. I am completely secular in my outlook.”
Ibn al-Rawandi – early skeptic of Islam.
Ibn Warraq – British Pakistani secularist author and founder of the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society.
Seema Mustafa – Indian journalist, Political Editor and Delhi Bureau Chief of The Asian Age newspaper.
Wafa Sultan – Syrian-born American psychiatrist and controversial critic of Islam. She describes herself as a “Secular Humanist”.
Dr. Younus Shaikh – Pakistani medical doctor, human rights activist, rationalist and free-thinker.
Zohra Sehgal – Indian actress who has appeared in several Hindi and English language films.
Became Deists:
Ahmad Kasravi – notable Iranian linguist, historian, and reformer.
Ehsan Jami – former politician and founder of Central Committee for Ex-Muslims. Became non-religious.
Nyamko Sabuni – politician in Sweden
Zayn Malik – English singer of Pakistani and English-Irish descent.
Adam Suleman– Technology consultant and advocate for social change of Canadian origin formerly known as Alykhan.


Popular Ex-Muslims

Popular Ex-Muslim YouTubers. Please support their great efforts.
The Apostate Prophet (214k followers, 27 million views)
Veedu Vitz (34.6k followers, 7 millions views)
Abdullah Sameer (46.4k followers, nearly 7 million views)
Dontconvert2islam (72.5 followers, 4.4 million views)
👆 (notice his channels used to be called converted to Islam.)

Three Dawah who left Islam!

Take those three Ex-Muslims on YouTube. They are not just any Ex-Muslims. Each one of them used to work as Muslim Dawah. Yes, their job was to invite people to join Islam. But they left Islam for many good reasons. If you dare to look, in total it will take less than an hour of your time to watch them all:



https://youtu.be/uXMBwZo-rSQ (part1)
https://youtu.be/zT8jv6lZFOg (part 2)

Why the admin of this page left Islam, we vary. We agree on one thing: The Quran is full of scientific errors and Hadith packed with immoral commands. Islam is not only not prefect, it is probably the least moral, peace, and tolerant faith. It take many years to to unravel brainwashing of a faith. If you just started, take baby steps…

What makes us leave Islam?

If you think other religions have ridiculous stuff, you have not investigated Islam.

– Fever heat comes from hell.
– They know someone who travelled to our space on a donkey.
– the first man is made of clay and first woman made from his own ribs. – a man was able to fit a pair of every animal on earth in one ship (there are 1.2 million animal species)
– The universe was made in 6 days.
– a sky daddy made everything out of nothing.
– everything has a maker, and why we are wrong to assume something such as the universe always existed, until you ask how come Allah always existed?
– hands and eyes will testify against us in heaven! Why, isn’t Allah always observing us?
– Owning women sex slaves during wars is morally acceptable.
– Camel piss is good for upset stomach.
– Islam is religion of peace, despite the fact we see violence all around it. – The quran does not suggest the earth is flat, even though it says 11 times in the Quran that the earth is flat like a rug, carpet, bed, sheet, and spread. – Allah is most merciful, even though the Quran calls for everyone to convert and those who don’t convert get to fry in hell for eternity.
– Women half brain, half witness, and never equal in inheritance but Islam is the most feminist religion!!
– Marrying your first cousin does not give disability, looking at genitals (or talking during sex) makes disabled babies
– Heaven is a 7th century desert dwellers’ paradise with rivers of milk, honey, wine, grape trees, and unlimited sex is still relevant to men or WOMEN in 21st century.

This is just tip of the iceber! But somehow if the person who is saying it is claiming to be divine and messenger.. Logic is dumbed and we seem to accept the most ridiculous bullshits. This and other ridiculous facts and beliefs we accept in the name of religion and Islam are found here:

https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Islamic_Silliness .

Fake Conversions!

If you ever research it, you will find many fake conversion stories. We heard growing up like Neil Armstrong converted to Islam (fake), Michael Jackson converted to Islam (fake), Tyson Fury converted to Islam (fake), Justin Trudeau converted to Islam (fake), 20 million Chinese convert to Islam (fake), Sunita Williams – 2nd female Indian astronaut – converted to Islam (fake), Paris Hilton converted to Islam (fake), Angela Merkel converted to Islam (fake), Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam (fake), Albert Einstein converted to Islam (fake) …. How did we get these names? Just search “did not convert to Islam” … And sit and watch a circus of fake posts that have tried in desperation to justify Islam by claiming world leaders or famous scientists converted to Islam.

I don’t care who converts to Islam. As Ex-Muslims, we grow up in Islam. No one converting to Islam will make us believe that Islam is feminist, the verses in the Quran about ownership of female sex slaves disappear, flat earth verses become round earth can be ignored, marrying a 6 year old is okay, or Muhammad who slept with women who witnessed their husbands, brothers, and dad killed was anything less than rape.

Islam is not prefect, it is as crazy as the least faith you would ever consider converting into. Get over it.

Fake Miracles: Where lies are justified!

Taqiyya is supposed to be a right given in Islam to lie to protect your life in time of life and death situation. Unlike some other religions that says you should never deny your faith even if your life depends on it, in Islam if you get stopped by someone asking you about your faith and will kill you if you say you believe in Islam, you can lie in this instance to protect your life. But some of my brothers and sisters take this definition and stretch it to lie in any debate to deny something that would embarrass them or cause them to lose the debate. Dr Joker Zakri is a big abuser of this term in his debates.

Here is another case. An innocent photo of a baby shared on Facebook page of “The most beautiful babies” get photoshopped with word Allah.

Original: https://www.facebook.com/196343197153742/photos/a.281233361998058/1219769044811147/?type=3

Yet I found the photo is photoshopped shared as a child born to kuffar Italian family who then convert!! Why do they go to so much lengths to promote the faith? Desperation!!! Nothing good is coming out of Islam.

I want to take opportunity to show you have to find these lies and debunk them. Whenever you see photos that look suspicious, follow this steps:
– Download a reverse image search app (available in all app stores)
– take a screenshot of the picture. Crop unnecessary text. Open the app and select the photo.
– The app will tell you where this photo appeared online including original versions!

Why people are not leaving Islam in the masses?

Pew research found that 23%of Muslim Americans do not believe in Islam. Another study found 18% of British Muslims do not believe in Islam anymore. A BBC survey found 18% of Arabs describe themselves as irreligious (that number is 30% among the youth)… One of the biggest Ex-Muslims Facebook groups is in Arabic … So where are all these Ex-Muslims? Why they are not like us talking why they left Islam? Because they fear for their safety… Islam demands they stay quiet or go underground, otherwise the consequences are serious… Islam does not care about Ex-Muslims rights and freedom to express their lack of faith… This is clearly stated in the Quran and backed by the Hadith.

“They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.” Quran 4:89

O ye who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,- lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault. That is the grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleases. And Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things. Quran 5:54

But if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, they are your brethren in faith; and We make the communications clear for a people who know. And if they break their oaths after their agreement and (openly) revile your religion, then fight the leaders of unbelief– surely their oaths are nothing– so that they may desist. Qur’an 9:11-12

Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after your belief. If We pardon one faction of you – We will punish another faction because they were criminals. Quran 9:66

Whoever disbelieves in Allah after his belief… except for one who is forced [to renounce his religion] while his heart is secure in faith. But those who [willingly] open their breasts to disbelief, upon them is wrath from Allah, and for them is a great punishment; Quran 16:106

Therefore do remind, for you are only a reminder. You are not a watcher over them; But whoever turns back and disbelieves, Allah will chastise him with the greatest chastisement. Qur’an 88:21-24

So, celebrate the few thousands of converts to Islam with PR videos, those who leave Islam, leave in their millions from the back door…

States with death penalty for apostasy:

Afghanistan – illegal (death penalty).
Brunei – per recently enacted Sharia law, illegal (death penalty).
Comoros – illegal (death penalty)
Iran – illegal (death penalty).
Jordan – possibly illegal (fine, child custody loss, marriage annulment) although officials claim otherwise, convictions are recorded for apostasy
Kuwait – Apostasy is not illegal in Kuwait, although apostasy is penalized in family courts for Muslims. For Muslims, apostasy in family court can result in loss of child custody, inheritance rights, annulment if married to a Muslim.
Malaysia – illegal in five of thirteen states (fines) if they do not get conversion permission from Sharia court. Additionally, a number of states have voted bills into law that allow for apostates from Islam to be detained and reeducated.
Maldives- illegal for Muslim nationals (loss of citizenship). Illegal to proselytize for religions other than Islam.
Mauritania – illegal (death penalty if still apostate after 3 days).
Morocco – not illegal, but official Islamic council decreed apostates should be put to death.
Oman – illegal (prison) according to Article 209 of Oman penal code, and denies child custody rights under Article 32 of Personal Status Law.
Qatar – illegal (death penalty).
Saudi Arabia – illegal (flogging, imprisonment and death penalty).
Somalia – illegal (death penalty)
Sudan – illegal (death penalty)
Syria – defamation of religious proceedings punishable with 2 year jail sentence.
United Arab Emirates – illegal (3 years’ imprisonment, death penalty).
Yemen – illegal (death penalty).

Freedom of faith, only when talking about my faith!!

Unveiled:book by Yasmin Mohammed

Yasmin Mohammed’s book “Unveiled” is an online best seller and 5 stars. We strongly recommend reading it:
Book on Amazon.

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