Religion of Peace

If all you heard are the sweet stuff, you may have been only reading the Meccan’s verses. Try checking the Madina verses!!

One of the biggest claims we have about our faith, even though we can see historically and nearly every day – this claim is false!

Mecca verses Madina Versus in the Quran

It is important to know that Muhammad’s message changed over time and the Quran style of writing, language, and even the tune changed.

While in Mecca, Muhammad’s verses are calm, they are all like “… Hay dude, come join me. Allah is truth. Allah created everything. Come follow me, like Jesus and Abraham before. If you do not, that is cool. It is your loss but cool….” in all the first ten years, Muhammad could convert just 150 believers.

When Muhammad migrated to Madina, failed to convert the big Jewish tribes – despite his best efforts. But he has built up an extensive army. In that time, the Quran tune changed completely to ” Muslims have to do this and that, don’t drink, do not mix with none believers… AND you kuffar are all bastards, either you convert or I will kill you and Allah will stick you like a kabab and fry you… etc”.

These became known as Meccian verses and Madina verses. We have our own theory here. Muhammad in Mecca was relying on what he learned from his maternal uncle Waraqah Ibn Nawfal, a priest in Christianity and Judaism, to invent verses in the Quran. But in Madina Muhammad was on his own and running out of materials. And he was getting bolder and angry. The Quran is not put in chronological order. For example, the Meccan chapters appeared as 96, 68, 73, 74, 1, 111, 81, 87, 92, 89,… Etc.

But Allah should not be angry! Allah must have known all this from the start. Nothing should have surprised Him, especially if Allah knows the future.

Now guess and win: Which verse is Mecca verse and which is Madina verse in the picture below. Tip: happy loving ones are Mecca, angry aggressive ones are Madina.

Here is source of Madina vs Mecca verses

Religion of Peace historical test!

We see today internal fighting in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even parts of Iran. The two have taken their territorial fighting to parts of West Africa, Pakistan, and migrants in Australia and Europe. Let’s see the religion of peace Sunni verse Shia fighting before we had the west and CIA to blame for all our violence:

Khalifa Era:
-Othman (3rd Khalifa of Islam) was killed by one of them.
– Ali (4th Khalifa son in law of Muhammad) was killed by one of them.
– In a battle of Camel between “Ali” and “Aisha” (the site of the camel) ..both sides shouted “Allahu Akbar” before killing each other
– In a battle between “Ali” and “Muawiyah”…both sides shouted “Allahu Akbar” before killing each other.
– In a battle between “Ali” and “his followers” (Nahrawan) …both sides shouted “Allahu Akbar” before killing each other

Amawi Era:
– Then Hussein (grandson of Muhammad) was killed and beheaded by one of them.
– Al-Hassan (another grandson of Muhammad) was poisoned one of them.
– Two missionaries, “Talha and Al-Zubayr”, were killed by one of them.
-In a battle between “Al-Hussein” and “Yazid” .. 73 members of the Messenger of God’s family were slaughtered by one of them.
– In the battle to quell the “Madina Revolt” against the rule of the “Umayyads” in anger at the killing of Hussein … 700 immigrants and supporters were killed by 12,000 Muslimof Umayyad forces.
– In the (Free Battle), in which the Umayyad army led “Muslim ibn Uqba,” his friend, the companion, the stronghold of Maqal ibn Sinan al-Ashja’i .. and killed him!
– “Abu Lahab” and “Abu Jahl” (both pagans from Muhammad days) did not dare to hit the “Kaaba” with the catapult and demolished parts of it … but “Al-Husayn Bin Nameer”, the commander of Abdul Malik bin Marwan’s army, did it during their siege of Mecca.
– The “infidels” did not dare to offend the Messenger of God Mosque by pissing in it.. but the commander of the army of Yazid Bin Muawiya transformed the mosque for three nights into a stable, in which horses urinated!
– In the succession of Abd al-Malik bin Marwan: Abd Allah ibn al-Zobayr was killed by one of them.
– In the succession of Hisham bin Abd al-Malik: Zaid bin Zain al-Abidin bin Al-Hussein (descended from the Prophet’s descendants) was not only killed … rather, they crucified him naked at the door of Damascus .. for four years … then they burned him.
-Then the Commander of the Faithful, Marwan bin Al-Hakam, was killed one of them.
– Then the Commander of the Faithful, Omar bin Abdul Aziz, was killed one of them.
– Then the Commander of the Faithful, Al-Walid bin Yazid, was killed one of them.
– Then the Commander of the Faithful, Ibrahim ibn al-Walid, was killed one of them.
– Then the last Umayyad caliphs were killed .. by “Abu Muslim Al-Khursani”.

Abbasi Era:
-“Abu al-Abbas” – the first Abbasid caliph – killed everyone who was descended from the descendants of the Umayyad sons of the caliphs.
– He gave his orders to his soldiers to unearth the graves of Amawi Era leaders in “Damascus”, so he exhumed the tomb of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan and found nothing in it except a thread, and exhumed the tomb of Yazid bin Muawiyah and found in it a wreck like ashes, and exhumed the tomb of Abdul-Malik and found it true that only his rabbit had been destroyed, and he struck him with whips … .. and burn it .. and blast it in the wind.
– In a battle whose two sides were “Ansar Abu Muslim” and “Abbasid Army” .. Thousands of Muslims were killed
– The Durr tree killed Ezz al-Din Aybak and the wife of Aybak killed the Durr tree by throwing clogs.

In all of the above:
Those who “were killed” were wanting an Islamic state And those who “were killed” were seeking an different Islamic caliphate …

So, next time someone tell you Islam is religion of peace and all the violence we see is invented by the west and CIA, ask them…do you even know your history???

No forcing in religion, explained.

Islam claims “No compulsion in religion…” Quran 2:256 only if you are a parent forcing your child NOT to convert to Islam!

Here is the background to that verse in the Quran from the Hadith :
“When the children of a woman (in pre-Islamic days) did not survive, she took a vow on herself that if her child survives, she would convert it a Jew. When Banu an-Nadir were expelled (from Arabia), there were some children of the Ansar (Helpers) among them. They said: We shall not leave our children. So Allah the Exalted revealed; “Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error.”
Sunan Abu Dawud 14:2676, also explained in Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Asbab Al-Nuzul by Al-Wahidi, trans. Mokrane Guezzo, and translated by Aisha Bewley,Dar Al-Taqwa Ltd., 2003, pp. 659-661.

How do we compel our children and brainwash them in Islam? Well there is definitely compulsion in Islam. Thus this idea is abrogated (cancelled) when it comes to kuffars and apostates….. Ask any honest person how they grew up in Islam, and be ready for the horrors…

We are the fastest growing religion: 1.6 billion

We are all 1.6 billion people in Islam until you leave us alone… And then we are Sunni, Wahabies, Salafes, Shia, Alawaits, Sufi, Ahmadi, and this is just a tip of the iceberg. Within the same sects are the liberals, moderates, and fundamentalists. From early Islam, we had started killing each other – far long before we had the West and CIA to blame! Just scroll down our page and see.

From the last 100 years only, we have examples of this in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, and Bangladesh. Each one of these have history of either fighting each other or within them fighting involving moderate verses fundamentalists.

Moderates are right when they say they have been the biggest victims of Islamic fundamentalists. They too are responsible for it. They refuse to allow open debate, liberty to express lack of faith, for only then we are able to debate the extremist and shocking content of Islam. And having more irreligious, agnostics, and atheists in our society is healthy in allowing a challenge to the fundamentalists narrative. Would a person who knows their faith is not prefect, may still want to believe it.. But will they still be willing to die for it?

Five Pillars of Islam

The five pillars of Islam are supposed to be: declaration of faith, prayer, fasting, hajj, and paying zakat (tax). The hand that holds those pillar together is the Jihad.
Look at the verses and Hadith that ISIS, AlQaida, Bokoharam, Taliban, Wahabies, Hizbullah, Muslim Brotherhood, Mujahideen, Salifs, and other extremists use. And ask yourself, is this right?? Is it really from the Quran?
Any one who disagrees, need to ask yourself:
– How many people genuinely believe in fairness of Shariha Law? What do you do if you cut the hand of someone and then discover he was innocent?
– How many people genuinely believe Islam is fair to women?
– How many people have actually read the Quran from cover to cover?
– How many people genuinely believe we should or even could live by the Hadith?
– How many people believe having to say some abracadabra words when we stand, yawn, sneeze, eat, walk up, enter the toilet… make any difference?
– After all the shit we saw and see, from ISIS, AlQaida, Bokoharam, and Taliban… how many people genuinely believe Islam is a religion of peace?

If you cannot be even truthful with yourself , how can we be truthful with anyone else. Islam is a hope, turned into a wish, and turned into a blind faith….
For a religion we claim to be perfect, it has some wacky 7th century ideas. And that is a fact. The Shariha Law swift claim of producing justice is both barbaric and subject to abuse. You see why Shariah law cannot be implemented fairly.
Instead of saying “Islam is perfect,_Muslims are not” try: “Islam_is_not perfect, we are sorry for all the suffering it has inflicted on the world!” See less

What is Islamophobia?

What is considered Islamophobia? Attacks on people because of their faith. Labeling a whole group of people as acting or believing in something disgusting could be seen as phobic. For example, not all Muslims believe in Women sex slaves, underage girl marriages, violence, hate… Etc. You should NEVER attack Muslims. Muslims are like you and me.

We do not tolerate people attacking all Muslims. Muslims are our mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters….they are good people born into a brainwashing machine. But in their hearts of hearts, they are good people like you and us. We are here to open their eyes to what really Islam says. That is why we focus on the teaching, practices, and hypocrisy of Islamic beliefs. We never generalise to suggest every person who has a Muslim name or believes in Islam is a bad person.

You have 100% right to point to parts of the Quran that speak about women sex slaves, you have 100% right to talk about the violence in the Quran, you have 100% right to talk about the Hadith saying Muhammad married Aysha when she was only 6 years old and had sex with her when she was 9, you have the right to speak about the violence mentioned in the Hadith and absolutely have the right to mock scientific errors in the Quran and immoral commands in the Hadith. This is not Islamophobia. Islamophobia is not an excuse to close the debate.

Remember to show them love and be patient with people accusing you of Islamic phobia as they open their eyes for the first time. ❤️❤️❤️

Does ISIS represent Islam?

The excuse moderates and apologists give for Islamic terrorism is that these people do NOT understand Islam and therefore do not represent Islam.
The problem, however, that all these people refer to the Quran as their main source and Hadith for their interpretations. All of them spend their life time studying Islam. Al Baghdadi had a PhD from Baghdad University in Islam Studies!! But you, moderates and apologists, who have an occasional understanding of few verses in the Quran but clocked up hundred of hours of PR YouTube, understand Islam a lot better. Subhan Allah.

What is Islam 2.0?

We keep getting people who claim Islam is expanding fast is evidence it is right, not true. Islam is expanding fast but due to birth rate and far less due to conversions. But what are these new converts told about Islam is not the real Islam but what I call Islam 2.0.

In Islam 2.0, all the fundamentalists are brainwashed CIA and Mosad undercover operatives. The apologists will come up with the most STUPID explanation for EVERY terrorist attack even when they can see these people where committed faithful. You think western intelligence recruit suicide bombers and fighters who shout Allahu Akbar and go kill and kill themselves??

Central to their stupid conspiracy theories is that the Quran says “You have your religion and I have mine” Quran (109). But this is a Meccan verse. You have to understand Muhammad cancelled it. Here is how the Quran works:

While in Mecca, Muhammad’s verses are calm, they are all like “… Hay dude, come join me. Allah is truth. Allah created everything. Come follow me, like Jesus and Abraham before. If you do not, that is cool. It is your loss but cool….”

But when Muhammad got to Madina and built up an extensive army, the Quran tune changed completely to “Good Muslims don’t drink, do not mix with none believers, fight the Jihad… AND you kuffar are all bastards, either you convert or I will kill you and Allah will stick you like a kabab and fry you… etc”. These became known as Meccan verses and Madina verses. It took us years of studying Islam to realise it not a religion of peace, not feminist by any stretch of the imagination, and has many scientific and moral issues. And converts go through this cycle too. Some take weeks, months, or years but when they realise they were sold a lie, they leave quietly. No big publicity stunts or PR videos. Take those three examples:

Muslim convert spend 15 years, learns Arab fluently then leaves Islam:

Muslim convert sharing her thoughts why she joined Islam and left:

And take the big publicity that Sinead O’connor had last year when she claimed she converted to Islam. Is she still practicing? Her twitter suggests not. Has she made a declaration she left? No.

But what is a bigger indicator of the problems Islam is now having is how many Muslims are leaving Islam. In the USA 23% of muslim born Americans have left Islam. In the UK 18%of British Muslims do not believe in Islam. And a BBC survey in 2019 showed that 18% of Arabs see themselves as irreligious with the rate going up to 30% among the youth.
References below :

The Peaceful tax called: Jezya

It is blatantly a religious discrimination tax. Non-Muslims have to pay significantly extra tax for “protection” but it was not just that, but the fact the Quran demanded they do it with humiliation… In other words, on their knees. So much hatred… Let’s introduce you to Al Jezia.

Jezia is the extra tax imposed on non-Muslims (Dhimmis) who live under Islamic rule according to the Qur’an and Hadith. It is in effect a discrimination tax, you would NEVER see people justify it these days. All those who troll us and are ready to justify it, think carefully before you justify it.

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jezia with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Quran 9:29

“I call you to God and to Islam. If you respond to the call, then you are Muslims: You obtain the benefits they enjoy and take up the responsibilities they bear. If you refuse, then you must pay the jizyah. If you refuse the jizyah, I will bring against you tribes of people who are more eager for death than you are for life. We will then fight you until God decides between us and you.” (Al Tabari, Volume XI)

Khalid bin Al-Waheed (Muslim General, 632AD)
Summon the people to God; those who respond to your call, accept it from them, but those who refuse must pay the poll tax out of humiliation and lowliness. If they refuse this, it is the sword without leniency. Fear God with regard to what you have been entrusted. (Al Tabari, Volume XII) Umar ibn al-Khattab during the conquest of al-Basrah (636 CE)

Any suggestion that this is similar to taxes we pay these days is absolute bullshit. Any suggestion that it is different form of Sadakah, Khumus, or Zakat is also a lie. With these later three, it is required and requested by us to pay it, with rewards in heaven. No penalty is listed as to what would happen if we don’t pay it. The penalty for not paying the Jizya is slavery and death. See, it is not the same!

The beautiful story of Umm Qirfa!

Islam is a religion of peace, humanity, love, harmony, purity, butterflies, unicorns… Wait who is Umm Qirfa?

She was an old respected tribe leader who opposed Muhammad. If she was young and beautiful, Muhammad would have most definitely forced marry her. But she was old, so her fate was sealed. He ordered her to be pulled by two camels running in opposite directions, until she was split in half. Beautiful, Hamdullah.. ..See how peaceful and loving Islam with the unicorns, butterflies, fairies,…
No no no.. Do not read about Umm Qirfa.. Stay here with me to talk about unicorns and butterflies.. *The picture and our first lines are just satire. The story of Umm Qirfa is 100% true.

Stoning is a verse eaten by a goat!

Ever heard of “The dog ate my homework excuse?” Wait you will not believe this shit..
The present-day Qur’an does not explicitly mention the act of stoning (also called Rajim), but according to hadith, the Qur’anic verses of stoning were written on a piece of paper and were lost when a goat ate it:
[Narrated ‘Aisha] “The verse of the stoning and of suckling an adult ten times were revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept under my bed. When the messenger of Allah expired and we were preoccupied with his death, a goat entered and ate away the paper.” Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal. vol. 6. p. 269; Sunan Ibn Majah, p. 626; Ibn Qutaybah, Tawil Mukhtalafi ‘l-Hadith (Cairo: Maktaba al-Kulliyat al-Azhariyya. 1966) p. 310; As-Suyuti, ad-Durru ‘l-Manthur, vol. 2. p. 13
It was narrated that ‘Aishah said: “The Verse of stoning and of breastfeeding an adult ten times was revealed, and the paper was with me under my pillow. When the Messenger of Allah died, we were preoccupied with his death, and a tame sheep came in and ate it.” (Hasan) Sunan Ibn Majah 3:9:1944

Scholars have still managed to find justification for stoning from within the Qur’an:
So when Our decree came to pass, We turned them upside down and rained down upon them stones, of what had been decreed, one after another. Quran 11:82

And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime! Quran 7:84

We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)! Quran 26:173

And We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)! Quran 27:58

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