Look at how Allah created (blank)

How easy for the Quran to simply say:

“All living beings you see, evolved slowly over millions of years, genetically adapting to their surroundings. All blessed by Allah.”

صدق الله العظيم!

Instead of hundreds of Ayats (verses) tell us look at this and look at that, Allah created these just for you! But then the Quran is so full of scientific errors, Islam does not believe in evolution.

Muhammad did not have that knowledge and by default, Allah did not know either!! The hypocrisy of all those Dawah men you see online is that they would gloss over these facts, look for anything to defend their blind faith. A blind faith built on scraps of made up interpretations of obscured verses in the Quran to claim it scientific and therefore from a superiors being…a being that thinks the earth is flat, the sun rotates around the earth, sun and moon follow each other, has inferior knowledge of human creation and many more scientific errors you can read about them here:


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