Angels’ support for battles

It is ironic that we have so many #hadiths about angels helping #ProphetMuhammadﷺ win battles. Yet, the one battle he did not win, Muhammad mentions the angels only in the context of “picking up the dead as martyrs”.

ISIS, Bokoharam, Taliban Hizbullah, and AlQaida used the same analogy to motivate their fighters during their battles. There is something hallucinating to imagine there are angels looking down at you, not least when you are at night in the open air…clear skies with sporadic low clouds…makes one think they are special.

But these angels who will direct your spears or bullets seem to have limited power beyond that!! They did not warn Muhammad about the poisoned lamb, nor has it helped any of these terrorist groups win beyond the confines of a few battles. But what wars? Muhammad died before realizing two of his biggest dreams: have a male heir (like Ibrahim) and reach the ends of the world in the footsteps of Zul Qarnaian. His dream was to reach the whole world in order to trigger the “end of time” – but none of this happened. And here we are 1400 years later, we have people who still follow this dream not realising that that fact Muhammad died before these dreams where realised is proof that Muhammad made it up. This seems to be something picked up by Al Rawandi (827–911). He was an early Persian scholar and theologian. He used to he Mu’tazilite scholar, then became a Shia scholar but later became a skeptic, rejecting all religion and becoming an atheist. Although none of his works have survived, his opinions had been preserved through his critics and the surviving books that answered him.
You can read about this historic ExMuslim here:

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