Quran 43:12- Allah made us boats. Or did he?

Well, actually the earliest ship ever be found is The Pesse canoe is the world’s oldest known ship, dating between 8040 and 7510 BC. That would be 8500 years before Mohammad and much earlier than Islamic estimates of Noah’s ark story. What is Allah doing by helping pagans build a boat? 

Beyond that, scientists have created new life with potential for medical applications that will save lives, while we still argue if we should use our right foot or left foot to enter the toilet so the “devil” does not join us!!! If the Quran claim that Allah made ships or someone else made them! Or if a Mahdi is due or not, today or tomorrow. I would not moan too much about this if we have not been f@*king doing this for the last 1400 YEARS!

It does not matter what foot you use to enter the toilet. The devil is in your mind and what you decide to do in that toilet. Muhammad did not see the world lasting beyond his death, that is why he never commanded to write the Quran. Shia, your Mahdi is not coming either, he died in 941 – research it from independent sources. You are waiting for a dead man. Are you not tired, do you want your children and grandchildren to be dealing with this shit too?

Let’s leave the 7th century mentality and move on. Let’s save lives instead of waiting for the west to do that. Let’s save this planet, rather than help destroy it. Let care for our children and love them, rather than traumatise then with this book of horror and immoral Hadiths.

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