Evolution in Islam dinosaurs.

Do we have any evidence of the moon Split? Absolutely none. The images that some people share are just trenches on the moon, we have deeper ones on Earth and Islam does not claim the Earth was ever split. What is more, this supposed miracle happened at night when everyone was sleeping.

The next miracle is also heavily disputed that even Islamic scholars don’t talk about it. A rock turning into a camel – nowadays magicians can do better tricks than this…yet none claim to be a prophet.

Talking ant… please!! Scientist proves ants do not have vocals and they use chemicals signals to communicate with a limited vocabulary not ever capable to say “Oh Soliman’s army is coming everyone…”

The last one is a shock, even for me. I grew up believing Islam has no views on evolution and as such is consistent with science. When I was in London studying, my mother visited for holiday. She is well educated and by all accounts liberal Muslim. I ticked all the best tourists spots from British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, even watched in the theatre. On the last stops, I took her to the Natural Museum not having a second thought. The minute we walked in, she looks uncomfortable. As we progressed past large bones of dinosaurs, she looked even distressed. Then she turned to me and said: ” I want to leave now. I cannot believe those Kuffar will go to so much lengths to lie and makes up facts like this!” She stormed out having been there 15 mins. I then had to hear her lecturing how all evolution is a lie, all dinosaurs evidence are made up… I never sat to examine the issue of evolution in Islam. I just accepted evolution and creation as both true and left it at that. Seeing her reaction, I think that event may have been the first spark in my process of asking questions about Islam. I never blamed her, she was brainwashed. I was brainwashed. And that is why I say, please be patient with people as they discover Islam is made up.

You can read more scientific errors in the Quran here:

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