Was the author of the Quran high?

If you are confused, it is not only you. There are many parts of the Quran that could be attributed to someone high on something! For example, Quran verse 7:1 starts with what we call “abracadabra” verse – which we were told as children “no one knows what it means, it is a mysterious!” You see other words in the start of 29 verses in the Quran first verses of chapters: 2, 3, 7, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 50 and 68.

But Quran 7:1 is very special: الۤمّۤصۤ‏

We are not saying anything, but you can look up the meaning of the word in any online or offline dictionary it will show what it means in Arabic. Try it yourself, copy it and try.
So embarrassed by its meaning, our teacher read it in the class as letters Alf Lam Meme, Sha’a.


Here are the other Abracadabra and Hocus Pocus words are:

al-Baqarah.  ʾAlif Lām Mīm الم
Āl Imrān.  ʾAlif Lām Mīm الم
al-Aʿrāf.  ʾAlif Lām Mīm Ṣād المص
Yūnus.  ʾAlif Lām Rā الر
Hūd  ʾAlif Lām Rā الر
Yūsuf.  ʾAlif Lām Rā الر
Ar-Raʿd.  ʾAlif Lām Mīm Rā المر
Ibrāhīm.  ʾAlif Lām Rā الر
al-Ḥijr.  ʾAlif Lām Rā الر
Maryam  Kāf Hā Yā ʿAin Ṣād كهيعص
Ṭāʾ.  Hāʾ Ṭā Hā طه
ash-Shuʿārāʾ.  Ṭā Sīn Mīm طسم
an-Naml.  Ṭāʾ Sīn طس
al-Qaṣaṣ Ṭā  Sīn Mīm طسم
al-ʿAnkabūt.  ʾAlif Lām Mīm الم
ar-Rūm ʾAlif  Lām Mīm الم
Luqmān.  ʾAlif Lām Mīm الم
as-Sajdah  ʾAlif Lām Mīm الم
Yāʾ Sīn.  Yā Sīn يس
Ṣād  Ṣād ص
Ghāfir.  Ḥā Mīm حم
Fuṣṣilat.  Ḥā Mīm حم
ash-Shūrā  Ḥā Mīm; ʿAin Sīn Qāf حم عسق
Az-Zukhruf  Ḥā Mīm حم
Al Dukhān  Ḥā Mīm حم
al-Jāthiya  Ḥā Mīm حم
al-Aḥqāf  Ḥā Mīm حم
Qāf.  Qāf ق
Al-Qalam  Nūn ن

My analysis suggests this theory. Muhammad was no novel writer, did not know how to start a story and narrate an introduction. There are so many times he can start with “Oh believers” “Oh you KUFAR” or “Oh you people”…he needed something powerful. So, what can get people’s attention better than “Abra–CADABRA”.

Also, Yemenis believe in chewing Khat. Khat is a plant that makes you high and is banned in many countries. But here is the twist. Yemenis claim Muhammad used to chew khat and since the Quran says to copy him! They do too. Starting to connect the dots? 

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