Shaytan (Iblees) is chained up during Ramadan

And just in case you thought this is just one Hadith and it is likely to be weak, hold onto your horses, it is repeated 17 times and it is all Sahih!

Even the most experienced mental gymnastics Islamists who would throw his mother under the bus to save Islam, struggles with this one! If all the devils are chained during Ramadan, how come so many people get tempted to eat and break their fast, how come some people commit sin, how come non-muslims reject Islam when the world is free from the devils. Ramadan and its many restrictions on foods, drinks, and sex must be a playground for the devils. What about the wars that happened during Ramadan? What about killings and abuse? But no, Muhammad’s imagination decided let’s make up that the all powerful Allah will make this month clean for us…without realising this Hadith is a non-starter. Why would I claim it is a non-starter? Ask 10 Muslims, and less than one in ten would have heard of it and the other 9 will say “nonsense” this has to be a weak Hadith! Yet they are wrong, the whole Islamic Hadiths are nonsense, not just this one.

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