Does praying to Allah work?

Life expectancy has doubled in the last 100 years to 80 years old not from praying more to Allah, but from science and research. For 1400 years we never seen such progress in humanity until we realised no Allah or any god(s) are listening. We need to fend for ourselves…

No dates, to black seed, no prayer, no washing before praying, no honey, no oil stick up your anus (yes a sheikh has recommended that, scroll down our time line to see it…)

Remember people the Spanish Flu killed 50 millions, the plague killed 350 millions… And these where times when we all prayed far more than we do now. Praying to Allah does not work.

The reality is that even hospital cleaners are doing a better job as saving lives than your god or your prayers … So stop the Bullshit!!

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