Ramadan and eating in public

It goes back to the lie that they have used all along “Eating in public hurts my feeling”

No it does not. Most people who are fasting come across it all the time. Many are home during the day. In their households are children and elderly who eat because it is allowed for them. Mother’s cooking food and Infront of food, chefs in restaurants preparing food for the evening. They may have members of family who is unwell, and eating. They see TV adverts and TV programmes of people eating. Do they not see the photos of food and drinks in their social media? Bloody hell, my Instagram is full of them!  So, no, it is not about seeing food, the act of eating, or drinking that hurts them. It is seeing (and shock of seeing) how many people don’t fast or take their faith seriously. They would rather believe, even if they know it is a lie, that everyone is fasting!

Home delivery of food would shoot up by 400% in Ramadan, and I am not talking about the Iftar (breaking of fast). This is reported, almost embarrassingly, in small columns of newspapers. The authors tend to point out that people are not fasting!! Some of these authors calling on the government to ban them. What?? No personal choice to stay home and eat? Even this hurts your feelings? Again, not about eating or drinking. It is about how many people are turning around and saying…BS I don’t buy Ramadan is good for me. Move on old school. Let people be free. You want heaven for yourself…you want more space and women hooris…just focus on your prayer and fasting …let people be and stop pretending it is about your feelings.

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