If Ramadan is healthy, this will be the ultimate test:

To call fasting healthy, you would recommend it to anyone. You would recommend it for children, for the elderly, for the able and disabled, for pregnant women, for people recovering from illness and even sometimes for people who are ill and it would be good for both body and mind.

Now, go through that above list and consider light exercises such as swimming, to walking at least an hour a day, to stretching and yoga. How many of these people would benefit from it?

Now go again through the above list considering Ramadan fasting from food and water for up to 14 hours…how many of these people would it be good for them?

If you found in the end that Ramadan is only good for the fit and healthy, tell me…what is the point then?

In the Middle East we have a high rate of diabetics, mostly because of close family marriages. A disease that for 1350 years, we did not have means to detect until the person died and we say “it is Allah’s wills”. So many of our ancestors would have suffered and died in Ramadan because of fasting and completely unaware that what a desert dweller claimed to be “fasting is healthy for all”, was in fact killing them slowly.

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