How rich people outsmarted Allah.

Many have become creative, outsmarting Allah and Muhammad in Ramadan. In many Islamic countries, they switch day with night. Everything almost shuts down during the day, except essential services manned by the poor people and everything opens at night. It is much easier if you are well off and do not need to work. This way, Ramadan is spent sleeping during the day and eating at night. You would not notice Ramadan at all. In fact, Ramadan will feel like a beautiful holiday.

Then the really wealthy, they go on holidays for when you are travelling or abroad you are exempted up to 10 days from fasting. Some spend Ramadan travelling and pay some donations not to fast. Then some travel to parts of the world where days are four to five hours. This happened a lot a few years ago when it was winter. Many rich people from the Middle East would fly to North Europe for a long one month holiday. Some of whom would wake up at 7 have breakfast the sun rises at 7:30and have lunch at sunset us at 2:30! And even then, they would spend much of the day sleeping. It seems Allah is not clever enough to have realise that Ramadan does not let the rich feel like the poor…but make the poor work harder during the day on empty stomach while the rich celebrate all the good deeds of Ramadan with little effort – thus outsmarting Allah and Muhammad!

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