Is Ramadan healthy?

I have three tests that prove Ramadan was and is not healthy or good for you. Here they are:

  1. In any other time of the year, ideally few months away from Ramadan, ask your doctor or elderly relative claiming to be know it all: “What are the benefits of drinking water regularly?” And sit there enjoying them shooting their foot: drinking water regularly is essential for functioning kidney, liver, blood circulation, brain functions, immune system…etc. Lack of water can cause build up of stones, liver ability to process, increase risks of blood clot, cause dizziness, and increase risks of illness. If you dare, ask them “Then why is Ramadan healthy?”
  2. Stress Eating in Ramadan agitates people based on their personalities. Those who stress eat, who tend to be fat, get fatter in Ramadan. Those who lose appetite when stressed, tend to eat less at the iftar and end up losing weight in Ramadan. Observe it!
  3. Deaths in Ramadan! Go to your local graveyard and count how many people die in Ramadan. In theory, it should be just 1/12th of the graves. When I did it in my local graveyard it was 3/12. Especially in the older graves, 30 years ago. Suggesting there are three times more deaths in Ramadan! People, in the olden days, died from diabetes and other medical conditions believing Ramadan makes them healthy. That is before we learned how to diagnose these illnesses.

All the intermittent fad diets we see do not reassemble Ramadan. We have three MASSIVE differences between intermittent diets and Ramadan fasting:

  1. You are encouraged to drink water. Ramadan, you are not!
  2. They are continual as needed, not fixed for one month.
  3. They are intended for people who have weight problems, not everyone!

Do you still believe Ramadan is healthy? You are brainwashed like the doctor in example 1. Here is a link, if you wish to read further:

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2 thoughts on “Is Ramadan healthy?

  1. Great post! I found your three tests very interesting, especially the one about deaths in Ramadan. Have you found any studies or data that support these tests?
    Jack White

    1. There are studies linked to dry fasting (without water). But not much on the other and the one related to death and graves, it is just from observation. I hope one day to be able to document it.

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