Issues with loud Adaan (call for prayers)

Where I used to live, it is like a competition time when the prayer comes about…the speakers start blasting. No sooner one starts, the others start and with echoes from other mosques miles and miles away…the whole world becomes blasted with incomprehensible noise that we have learned over the years to tune it out.

We humans use selective hearing. Just this moment, wherever you are…stop and consider how many other sounds you are not listening to…and if you live in Islamic country, ask yourself when was the last time you paid attention to what the mosques are saying! Which begs the question, what is the point of the blasting speakers? You think nowadays with mobile phones and apps that remind us of prayer times, we still need 7th century call for prayers?

Stop noise pollution…let us enjoy some peace from the religion that promised us peace did not deliver any peace! Let’s hear the birds and not frighten the shit out of them! Let people who have real jobs sleep, people who just returned from a night shift rest…stop living in 7th century mentality.

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