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Why Muslims become more “Muslims” in Ramadan than any other months?

It is in the belief rightly or wrongly that they can do almost whatever they want any other months and this month if they behave, pray, and fast…Allah will forgive them for their other sins. And Muhammad indirectly hinted at that. From suggesting that fasting “cleans the soul” to prayers are more listened too during this month (Allah has noise cancelling headphones on the other months!), to a bizarre night that no one knows its exact date where Allah comes down to “hear our prayers better and grant us anything we want” – Lailat Al Qadir.

And what is the one thing they will all start with? “Oh Allah press delete all my sins and click resit – cheers!”

Muhammad knew by the number of people who kept coming to him asking how “Allah” can forgive them for their sins, he can manipulate the people to do anything – prayer that includes his name, Zakat (which he got the 20%), Jihad (which he got 20% of the bounty called Khumus), to Hajj which he got revenue from selling “blessed dates” that he claimed stops magic and poison (we all know it did not work to save him!), selling blessed water that we now know is not that blessed, to Ramadan where he copied the Abrahamic and Zoroastrian faith. If you cannot see a trend here, you are simply blinded by your faith.

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