Devil’s house and throwing rocks

People go to a place in Mecca to throw stones on the “Devil’s House”, but in the cross fire, many fellow worshipers get hit and some are known to die. In fact, one of the biggest loss of life in Hajj incident happened in 2015 here when as much as 2,411 people died in a stampede rushing to stone the devil! Are you still feeling silly? Here is another thing:

I have been accused of worshipping the devil! As an atheist I do not believe the devil is real. To suggest that any true atheists worship the devil is stupid. To believe in the devil is to believe there is a god in the first place. Those who do claim to worship devil, are rebellious idiots who probably do believe in a god but angry with him. I am not angry, I just see facts.

The devil (like the jins) made up scarecrow to frighten people. In fact, Jins are an Arabian pagan myth that Muhammad copied. There is no record of Jins in all of the so called Heavenly books that supposedly the same god sent. Absolutely nothing in the Torah or Bible. When I grow up, I am supposed to realise the boogeyman is made up story invented by adults to keep us behaved… Not for the 1.5 billion people in blind faith.

Still, isn’t it odd that small rocks are recommended for the devil and bigger deadlier rocks for humans? 🤔

Finally, how would I describe traveling thousands of miles and spending thousands of dollars to throw small rocks at the boogeyman? A SCAM copied from pagan practice by a cult leader!!

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