Where does rain come from?

Unless you are blinded by your faith, you would have spotted three scientific errors in this verse alone!

This is just one of eleven verses in the Quran that describes the earth as flat like a rug, carpet, bed, and spread. BUT not one single verse suggesting the earth is Spherical or round – very easy words found in Arabic. The verses are: Quran [2:22], [15:19], [20:53], [43:10], [50:7], [51:48], [71:19], [78:6-7], [79:30], [88:20], [91:6]. . To name few all backed by Hadith the confirms Muhammad truly believed the earth is flat. All that narration and translations were put under the “carpet” in the 1960’s when man landed on the moon. Mashallah.

At the time of the Quran’s composition was that the sky or heavens were held up with pillars. While classical Islamic scholars often believed in a dome shaped heaven, some academics have argued that the Quranic heavens are flat, stacked expanses. These heavens are like roofs (Quran 2:22, Quran 21:32, Quran 40:64), in layers (Quran 71:15 and Quran 67:3, while Quran 13:2 further emphasizes this image by pointing out that, unlike what one would expect with an Arabian tent, the roof that is the sky needs no ‘pillars’ to hold it up. Quran 81:11 adds that the sky is like a covering that can be ‘stripped away’, while Quran 21:104 states that it will eventually be rolled or folded up.

As for the rain claim, this is not the only incident. In Quran 43:11 it makes the claim again when it says: “(He) who sends water down from the sky in due measure––We resurrect dead land with it, and likewise you will be resurrected from the grave.”

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