Islam creationism or Evolution.

The claim that humans are made of clay is also found in Egyptian and Greek mythology. Google it! The idea that a god fashioned us from clay is a joke…but the Quran repeats it not once but…listen to this 16 times: Quran 3:49, 5:110, 6:2, 7:12, 15:26, 15:28, 15:33, 15:74, 17:61, 23:12, 28:38, 32:7, 37:11, 38:71, 38:75, and 55:14.

In fact to make sure they are no confusion verse 55:14 says “He created humankind from ˹sounding˺ clay like pottery”. This link gives you 8 translation, all scientifically proven to be wrong:,20,19,101,85,84,22,21,17,95

What about how did Allah create animals? Muhammad did not care to come up with a story. So, officially, animals are made from nothing. Whereas man is made of clay and woman from a man’s rib – genetically a joke as she would have XY chromosomes – but Muhammad did not know that!

So this is what we have in the Quran:

Quran 15:26

Similarly, it says that the first man was created from dust (turabin تُرَابٍ).

Lo! the likeness of Essa with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him of dust, then He said unto him: Be! and he is.

Quran 3:59

Sorry, we have so much evidence around us about evolution. What we don’t have is ANY EVIDENCE that the man is made from clay or dust…and woman from man’s rib.

But why did these cultures make this mistake? Because when they opened old graves, they can see the person has become dirt, mud, or dust. Thus assuming we were made of these. What they did not appreciate is that these are the breakdown of the decomposed body from maggots. We are biological being where 70% made of water.

Scientists have mapped our human evolution and have learnt many things about how we evolved over 200,000 years. The evidence comes from full bones, graveyards all over the world, and study of our DNA.

Human Species discovered other than Homo sapiens (us humans):
Homo erectus
Homo floresiensis
Homo habilis
Homo heidelbergensis
Homo luzonensis
Homo naledi
Homo neanderthalensis

What made us who we are now is 2 million years of evolution. You need a level IQ to understand it. To accept the Quranic narrative, you just need to be a sponge!

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