How people sell Islam 2.0?

We keep getting people who claim Islam is expanding fast is evidence it is right, not true. Islam is expanding fast but due to birth rate and far less due to conversions. But what are these new converts told about Islam is not the real Islam but what I call Islam 2.0.

In Islam 2.0, all the fundamentalists are brainwashed CIA and Mosad undercover operatives. The apologists will come up with the most STUPID explanation for EVERY terrorist attack even when they can see these people where committed faithful. You think western intelligence recruit suicide bombers and fighters who shout Allahu Akbar and go kill and kill themselves??

Central to their stupid conspiracy theories is that the Quran says “You have your religion and I have mine” Quran (109). But this is a Meccan verse. You have to understand Muhammad cancelled it. Here is how the Quran works:

While in Mecca, Muhammad’s verses are calm, they are all like “… Hay dude, come join me. Allah is truth. Allah created everything. Come follow me, like Jesus and Abraham before. If you do not, that is cool. It is your loss but cool….”

But when Muhammad got to Madina and built up an extensive army, the Quran tune changed completely to “Good Muslims don’t drink, do not mix with none believers, fight the Jihad… AND you kuffar are all bastards, either you convert or I will kill you and Allah will stick you like a kabab and fry you… etc”.

These became known as Meccan verses and Madina verses. It took us years of studying Islam to realise it not a religion of peace, not feminist by any stretch of the imagination, and has many scientific and moral issues. And converts go through this cycle too. Some take weeks, months, or years but when they realise they were sold a lie, they leave quietly. No big publicity stunts or PR videos. Take those three examples:

Muslim convert spend 15 years, learns Arab fluently then leaves Islam:

Muslim convert sharing her thoughts why she joined Islam and left:

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