Ridiculous Hadiths: talking stone

Here is the source of this Hadith and it comes from SAHIH Muslim:


Now do you really need me to write a commentary on this? Seriously??

I want you to imagine, just for a moment, that this hadith is fabricated…you check the link and find out it is not true. You will jump in your seat and go: ahaaa you liars, of course this is made up. Our prophet (PBUH) would never say such a bull***t!!

Why would you say it is made up? Because the idea of rocks talking or communicating is a PAGAN MYTH!! And what would happen to this rock if we brake it into smaller pieces? It becomes baby rocks? How can it communicate, does it have brain to think? Eyes to see? Feelings? I mean if the hadith said it was an animal, an insect, or even a plant you may have half a leg to stand on it…but a rock?
Now give me your best explanation, take your time. Then imagine this story is not about our prophet but about some other religion – pick your choice. Imagine they tell you the same explanation you just made up – which is likely to be different to other believers- are you going to call it out as ridiculous!!

And you still think we left this “beautiful” religion because we are deficient in the mind?

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