The Arabs took the Quran challenge and won!

When desert dwellers asked Muhammad “what is your miracles”, he had nothing. So his first claim was “this Quran no one can match it. And all the tafsirs are clear that it means it’s poetic way”.

This claim not only found in verse 11:13, but also 2:24, 10:38 and 17:88. The reality is that Quran does not rhyme well, does not read well, and Arab linguistics had to “bend the poetry” rules in a ridiculous way to claim the Quran is poetry, narrators had to focus on a very small sample of verses that rhyme well to recite it in a poetic way…and if you do not believe me, try to recite verse 4:11-14 (talks about inheritance) or 2:282 (longest verse talks about loans!) And I have many more…but my point is that the challenge set by the Quran to 7th century desert dweller is irrelevant to us today and would not stand the test.

Islamic scholars noticed this problem very early on, specifically when some poets beat the Quran at creating something that sounded better and they declared them heretics. So, now the challenge still on but if you dare to try you are considered an apostate and we all know what that means!!

Still, till this day many Arabs created comparable if not better verses that make more sense and rhythm a lot better. Such as Sourat Corona, or Sourat Creation. They are both in Arabic, so unless you are Arab you may not spot the similarity and superiority of the newer versions but here try them…
Sorah Corona:
(or search YouTube Sorah Corona)

Sourat creation:
( or search YouTube سورة الخلق من القرآن الجديد)

By the way, even desert dwellers of that time, did not buy this so called “miracle”. So Muhammad made two more claims: split the moon and flying the Buraq (half human half donkey) to 7th heaven. Here is the catch, both happened at night and both no one saw them!! But in both, Muhammad claimed, the end of time is very close…and some frightened by the suggestion end of time is so close decided what is the harm, I just convert and see what happens. You think I am making this up? Read verse 54: 1-2 (note it talks on past tense)!

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