Muhammad’s view of religious leaders in Islam.

The term Sheikh, Dawah, Imams, and Islamic scholars are not terms Muhammad or the Quran suggested. Muhammad was very clear to.distance Islam from the role of priests and missionaries that he saw as corrupted individuals making money from the poor, selling them lies and motivated by money.

In addition, Muhammad also saw these roles as redundant when the “End of time” is so near and he is here to see us through it. See my other post on “end of time” that shows Muhammad insisted it was “very close” some 1400 years ago.

For Muhammad, the Quran was clear and easy to read, new nations have to learn Arabic, and by the time he finishes conquest of the world, the world will end -thus who needs a sheikh, dawah, or Islamic tafseers. Shows short term thinking by Muhammad and a god having no idea of language barriers, learning barriers (not everyone has same level of IQ), and a timeline set around the likes of Alexander the Great who was able to conquer the known world in a quarter of his life!

Nowadays those Islamic sheikhs, Dawah, Imams, and scholars are middle men making tons of money offline and online (social) media. Do they know that Muhammad forbids them? When Dr Joker Zakri was exposed to having million of dollars in flats put in his immediate family names, one had to ask: “Where did you get that money from?” But my brainwashed brothers and sisters did not care and did not want to know! Seriously, on one social media page supposedly moderates, I posted the question with link to the Interpol warrant for his arrest, I got attacked and before I knew it…blocked!

If they look at the roles of missionaries and priesthood in Islam, they will know Muhammad spoke against it and while the new terms were invented to distance themselves from the Christian and Judaism terms but in reality they are the same roles!! We are masters of “reinventing” solutions to fix Islam. For example, we know interest on loans is “haram” but we invented hundreds of terms for it…and did brain gymnastics to justify it and you will be pressed to find one single Islamic country that does not have it…even Islamic banks have interests charged in one way or another. It is a joke!

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