How Islamic teachings evolved with Muhammad.

It is important to know that Muhammad’s message changed over time and the Quran style of writing, language, and even the tune changed.

While in Mecca, Muhammad’s verses are calm, they are all like “… Hay dude, come join me. Allah is truth. Allah created everything. Come follow me, like Jesus and Abraham before. If you do not, that is cool. It is your loss but cool….” in all the first ten years, Muhammad could convert just 150 believers.

When Muhammad migrated to Madina, failed to convert the big Jewish tribes – despite his best efforts. But he has built up an extensive army. In that time, the Quran tune changed completely to ” Muslims have to do this and that, don’t drink, do not mix with none believers… AND you kuffar are all bastards, either you convert or I will kill you and Allah will stick you like a kabab and fry you… etc”. In fact, Muhammad cancelled earlier peaceful verses in a process called Naskh نسخ.You can read more about it here:

These became known as Meccian verses and Madina verses. We have our own theory here. Muhammad in Mecca was relying on what he learned from his maternal uncle Waraqah Ibn Nawfal, a priest in Christianity and Judaism, to invent verses in the Quran. But in Madina Muhammad was on his own and making up his own material. What changed between Mecca and Medina that Allah’s *language and style* of writing would change!!!

Allah knows the future and Allah does not change. Allah must have known all this from the start. Nothing should have surprised Him, especially if Allah knows the future.

Some will disagree, because they read the Quran and it sounds all the same. Firstly, you read the translations and secondly the Quran is not in chronological order. You need to read all the Meccan verses together then the Madina ones to see the difference. This difference is well documented in Islamic sources.

Now guess and win:
So when a Dawah come and tell you, Islam is peaceful…look this is a verse says “You have your religion and I have mine” tell him, isn’t this a Mecca verse? And wasn’t this cancelled in the Madina?

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