End of the World: Skyscrapers on Arabia lie

Islam without lies, dies.
I benefit from having long experience with these prophecies because I believed them when I grew up and I am not shocked to see them surface again – repackaged as new “facts”.

Yes, in the 1970’s and 80’s this hadith was circulated too as evidence that our prophet has predicted the END OF TIME!! And it is VERY SOON. And it made sense at time. The shepherds refers to Cowboys – the symbol of the USA. The naked and barefooted people are the land they took from the native Americans thus building skyscrapers. The USA was the first and only build the world tallest skyscrapers. It was a huge thing.

To see this lie be “repackaged” as Burj khalifa is absolute joke. Emiraties were never known to be Shepards. They may have traded with many things including sheep but never Shepards. They were known more as fishermen and trades men. And the people who build the Burj khalifa are rich western architects, designs, and even the laborers who worked on this specialist building made tons of money!

Why do these Dawah pages try to promote this lie? Because all the other predictions turned out to be false. The most important one are those two:

Anas reported Allah’s Messenger ﷺ as saying: I and the Last Hour have been sent like this and (he while doing it) joined the forefinger with the middle finger.

Anas reported that a person asked Allah’s Messenger ﷺ as to when the Last Hour would come. He had in his presence a young boy of the Ansar who was called Mabammad. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon bion) said: If this young boy lives. he may not grow very old till (he would see) the Last Hour coming to you.

Sahih (Authentic)


All proved that Muhammad thought end of time is coming with him or very soon. Even the Quran makes the same false claims in ” …You never know, perhaps the Hour is near.” Quran 42:17
Also 54:1, 53:57, 33:63, 43:66, 25:11, 6:31, 22:7, 30:12 and more!!
Some 1400 years ago.

Islam without lies, dies!

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