People of the Elephants Quran 105

Chapter 105 of the Quran is called Surah El-Fil or The Elephant. It is a very short chapter that goes like this:

1. Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant?
2. Did He not make their plan go wrong?
3. He sent against them swarms of birds.
4. Throwing at them rocks of baked clay.
5. Leaving them like chewed-up leaves.

Translator had a problem with verse one. They can see it is saying something that simply no sane person can accept. We did not see what happened. How can the Quran say that! So, along with scholars, assumed that the Quran was just speaking to Muhammad and that is why you see in some translations the verse written as “Have you not seen (oh Prophet) how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant?” – but in other places in the Quran, Allah used “Oh Prophet” so you can how they fix the Quran and by doing so they expose the fact it is not perfect.

Here is the background story that suggests in the year of Mohammad’s birth (or shortly before as some Islamic scholars disagree) an army of Elephants from – we don’t know where – had attempted to take over or destroy the Kaaba. But Allah THE ALL MIGHT send birds with rocks of clay and SAVED THE DAY!

Now for the non-brainwashed among you, here are some major problems with this fairytale:
1. Elephants need 225 liters of water and 130kg of food a DAY – GOOGLE IT! They cannot as will not survive the desert of Arabia a day!
2. We do not have ANY historical event that even remotely comes close to this story!
3. A vast army of Elephants would have left behind thousands of bones – nothing has been found in or near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, or Arabian Gulf.

What is more likely is that this is pagan myth and Muhammad the conman that he is, tried to turn it into some mystical event leading to his miraclous birth. It is simply all made up. And that is why the Saudi government puts their faith in the Kufars Patriot missiles and not in the birds of mythology!

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