Sources of Muhammad in writing the Quran

Muhammad did not come up with new teachings of Islam. Independent historians can see that Islam is based on the religion of Zoroastrianism. They have the identical baraq story where their prophet flew to the 7th heaven to negotiate god about prayers, were in their religions, straight path, heaven, fire, and the eyes of Hadi. Look how similar is the dress code to Islam! 😳

But guess what, this issue of Muhammad only repeating what he had heard found itself into the Quran. Where we have verses that shows the Kuffar mocked Muhammad for “repeating what they already know” Quran 25:5 and Quran 16:103-104.

Muhammad learned many of these faith from his maternal uncle Waraqah Ibn Nawfal who was a priest in Christianity and Judaism. For many historians who look at Islam from an objective lense, Islam is a branch of Judaism, linked with Christianity for continuity, blended with Zoroastrianiam for creativity, and mixed with Arabian mythology such as Jinns and direction of prayer to Mecca.

For those who don’t know, Muhammad directed people for the first 15 years to pray towards Jerusalem. Many of the early mosques (still standing today in Madina) point to Jerusalem. After an argument with a group of Jews who insisted he was not a real prophet, that next day, a verse came down to say : oh, yes, by the way we should be praying toward Mecca and not JERUSALEM. You really cannot make this up! Read this and other Just in time verses on the Quran that shows Muhammad was inventing verses on the go…

You can also read the different mixture of origin of Islamic faith, where Muhammad copied many of his ideas here:

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