Reflection on pre-islamic women rights.

It is one of those rare moments when I genuinely don’t know what to say! The hypocrisy of claiming Islam gives women rights when by Islamic traditions, women to stay home and be wives only.

Was this the case always before Islam? No. We know the story of Khadijah, she was a rich independent business woman, she kept all her money despite two marriages and she inherited her men when they died. We know the story of Umm Qirfa, an old wise lady who was the head of an pagan tribe. She was a tribe leader! We know that Arabs had three pagan goddesses (al-lat, Mannat, and Al -Uzza) – these were mentioned in the Quran, hardly a misogynistic culture to have three female goddesses as your gods and be anti women? It seems counter to common logic and ethnographic research that shows that cultures that worshiped female god or goddesses have utmost respect for women and women’s rights.

What would be misogynistic is having male attributed god, who gives men all rights to control, beat, manage, even own women and promises an afterlife of brothel-Jannah with rivers of alcohol, women with big boobs and tight holes that act exactly what a man wants. Basically, heaven with female sex dolls!

When you assess Islam fairly on its treatment of women, if fair as one of the misogynistic religions in existence!!

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