What are Jinns in Islam?

Jinn are said to be supernatural creatures that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Not found mentioned anywhere outside Arabia before 7th century. They are mentioned in the Qur’an, hadith, other Islamic texts and Arab folklore. Together, jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah. Like human beings, the Jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent.

The jinn are mentioned frequently in the Qur’an. There is a surah titled Sūrat al-Jinn (the 72nd chapter of the Qur’an), and verse 67:5 discusses the stars from the “lowest heaven” which are used as missiles against any mischievous jinn that attempts to eavesdrop on conversations between angels.

In many modern cultures, a Genie is portrayed as a magical being that grants wishes. The earliest of such Jinn stories in folklore originate in the book of the One Thousand and One Nights.

In Islamic theology jinn were created from smokeless fire by Allah as humans were made of clay. According to the Qur’an, a jinn named ʾIblīs refused to bow to Adam when Allah ordered angels and jinn to do so. For disobeying Allah, he was expelled from Paradise and called “Šayṭān” (Satan). The Qur’an also mentions that Prophet Muhammad was sent as a prophet to both “humanity and the jinn,” and that prophets and messengers were sent to both communities.

Jinn are usually invisible to humans, and humans do not appear clearly to them. Frequenting toilets, they feed on feces and bones, have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and are thought to live in remote areas, mountains, seas, trees, and the air. Like humans, jinn can also choose to become Muslims, will be judged on the Day of Judgment, and will accordingly be sent to Paradise or Hell.

One Islamist challenged me once and said he will summon Jinns to harm me badly in the next 48 hours. That was 4 years ago… nothing has happened. I hope he still trying…

It is all a load of bullshit!!

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