Boycotting: who is next?

Now apparently there is a video in which some restaurant in China has reused tiles in which the Name Allah and Muhmmad are walked all over them…and no one in the Arab or Islamic world moved to say anything. Can you imagine if this was a restaurant in Paris or London? Here is the video:

One word: hypocrites! It is as if we don’t really care, we just want to be angry with the people we want to be angry with! And it is all just bullshit.

In the late 1980’s, it was boycott Britain over Salman Rushie’s book Satanic Verses, since then we had boycotts to USA, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Austria, France, and even Canada (do we even remember what the boycott was about?)

They all have the same story, people go down on the streets…screaming, cursing, burning cheaply coloured flags (they do not have money to pay for real flags)….go home thinking they pleased Allah, few days later…they go back to eating the same foods, driving the same cars, supporting the football teams that are in these countries…as if nothing has happened.

Until next time, happy “pointless angry protest’ circus day.

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