Sexual harassment of women in Mecca during Hajj.

What would be more sacred place to be safe for women who are even wearing Hijab? Mecca? While doing the Hajj and around Kaaba under watchful eyes of Allah? Think again:

I would have never believed this if it was not an experience I heard from someone I loved and trusted. My grandmother, reflecting on a beautiful hajj when she returned, kept saying it is the best experience of her life. But several days later, after the guests have come and left, talking to other female visitors she recounted something that shocked me. She said how men would touch women inappropriately all the time, putting their hands deep between the ladies legs. They know women are naked under their Hajj gowns. Every time they went out. Even in the most holiest of places. She was too ashamed to talk about it to the visitors for fear they would call her a liar or suggest she is not a “good Muslim.”

If this is not shocking enough, my grandmother was at the time a 70 year old woman. Can you imagine what younger women would experience?? All at the doorsteps of Allah. Where is Allah? Nowhere, as if He does not exists. So, when I saw this post in Arabic, I had to translate it. Until we name and shame this behaviour, it will only continue.

And this is not an isolated case. Search now “Sexual harassments at the Hajj” and you will see it had been reported many times and it is said to be happening even when women are at the Kaaba – under Allah’s watchful eyes!! Where is Allah?  I will tell you – Only in your head!

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