Other gods talk in the Quran!!

I have been researching Islam for more than 30 years of my life. In the last ten years alone, I focused on issues with Islam. I have come across over 200 scientific errors in the Quran, even more in the Hadiths. I have come across many shocking immoral commands in the Quran and Hadith! I have detailed many logical issues, inconsistences, and contradictions. And even after all this time, I am still surprised with more problems!

And when the polytheists see their associate-gods, they will say, “Our Lord! These are our associate-gods that we used to invoke besides You.” Their gods will throw a rebuttal at them, ˹saying,˺ “You are definitely liars.” Quran 16:86


This verse was passed to me by one of my followers on Twitter. They asked, how can gods that supposedly don’t do anything, and don’t even exist – talk back? Will Zus and other Greek gods be in heaven? They are completely fictional and do not exist? Will Egyptian half humans and half animal gods be in heaven? What about tribal goes of Africa? Wait, will the Inca gods there to lecture South Americans that they were wrong? Will the Zoroastrian fire god be talking? Of course, none of this makes sense. The author of the Quran (Muhammad) was referring to the human-like gods of pagan Arabia and with limited imagination, Muhammad suggested that even these pagan gods will confirm Allah to be the only true God. This is consistent with several studies that suggest Muhammad took one of the Arabian gods (Al or Bal) and made this god the one and only God. This the others “redacted” their powers.

I did look at the most common tafsir, none addressed this oddity of how Islam on one side says none of the other gods actually exist yet we have an Aya where they actually talk!

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