Adam story part 2

Part 2 of 2:

When Satan refused to prostrate to Adam, Satan said, “Reprieve me until the day they are resurrected.” Quran (7:14)

1- How did Satan know that humans will have a day of resurrection and Adam has not sinned or ejected from heaven yet?

2- Why did he talk in plural (they)? How did he know that Adam would have sons when Allah had not even created Eve yet?

When someone is making up stories, they are bound to make mistakes. And here we have yet another clue to the fact the Quranic verses make absolutely no sense. This mistake is based on the fact someone is trying to fill in the gaps in a story yet they know how the story ends.

How can the devil know that Adam will sin ON THE DAY HE WAS CREATED? You have two options:

1. That Adam was going to sin and be sent to Earth to start this “life test” for all humanity, was going to happen and known by Allah, the angels, and Shaytan before Adam was even created – making a mockery of the whole story that came after and the whole BS of blaming Eve for the apple!

2- The story is all made up! And why not.

If this story had helped you open your mind just an inch, can I invite you to read many many more?

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