The current Dawah are helping Exmuslims movement

The current Dawah movement in the West is led by those four clowns. I call them clowns because each and every one of them has developed a brand self centered on key characteristics that is actually helping the Exmuslim movement.
– Ali Dawah and is ever cringing clickbait video titles. I genuinely wanted to hear his arguments on many of the Islamic issues. But I was absolutely disillusioned when several of his videos had titles that had absolutely no substance to the content other than force you to watch it till the end. Why he does that? YouTube pays him for number of clicks and how long people stay so they can show you more advert. If you are an honest Muslim person:Think, the prophet do this? How many honest Muslims would have fell for his video and decided – this is not for me!
– Muhammad Hijab and his online bullying tactics. In your face Tarzan, is so arrogant and aggressive in his talks that he alienates many of his viewers. His head keeps growing by reading the “Hijab fan” messages, but he knows from past exchanges that surfaced, he had caused so many devoted Muslims to leave Islam. He thinks by shouting and showing aggression in conversations, it works. It does not.
– Farid Response: what response? His videos drag and drag. One response for a one hour video dragged for seven hours, and for the life of me, I did not get his points. He clearly makes up answers as he goes. Using things like the word Metaphysical without truly understanding it. The other group don’t take him seriously, so why should we?
– Daniel Haqiqatcho: HE IS THE CROWN AND JEWEL in supporting the Exmuslim movement. His “in your face” don’t give a crap if you like Islam but this is the raw facts about Islam is our best example in countering the lies Islam spread about it being peaceful, loving, forgiving, feminist…etc. And his lousy approach to backing his arguments with poorly research and skimming papers – so much so – that his key argument for child marriages turned out to be based on a discreted work of a researcher who’s work centered only on adult male and boy relationships! How more embarrassing do you need to be.

As Exmuslim, we live in a time that clowns are now considered the Dawah heros. If I were still Muslim, I would be horrified!
We have a saying in Arabic:
خيرٌ لك أن يكون لك حاكمٌ عاقلٌ ظالمٌ من حاكمٍ أحمقٍ عادلٌ

It is better for you to have an intelligent yet oppressive leader as your ruler than a stupid but fair one.

Why? Because the clever one would protect you. The stupid one will harm you and boy all four of them are so stupid, they don’t even realise the harm they are causing..

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