Gender mixing in Islam: impractical

There are several impracticality issues that have come up when Islamic Shariah installed restrictive rules in gender mixing, Hijab, and marriages. Moderate and extremist Islamists were left trying to figure out solutions to them. In all cases, you can take a wild guess who ends up the winner “men” and why? Because Islam is a man made religion for men.

The first challenge people faced, is the fact relationships kept failing because couples would not know how they get along until they try it. Among the moderates, the situation was to adopt the concept of “engagement” where the couple are officially engaged but not married. They are allowed to meet, have coffee, dinners, walks, but always chaperoned by someone from the female family (sister, friend, brother, and even a parent). In some Middle Eastern cultures they allow the man to see the wife’s full hair and casual home cloth but only as a reflection of a mirror because this is not HARAM! I hear now they allow them to chat via Whatsapp under observation of the parents. All this because the traditional approach resulted in unhappy men more so than women. There is no requirement for the women to see the man dressed casual and showing his assets.

In conservative families, she does not have a real saying except appealing to her Dad (or male guardian) to accept or reject the proposal of marriage.

What happens.after the marriage? Any marital disputes, men win it. Sex on demand, as marital rape does not exists in Islam. The man can divorce, women cannot. And while Islam requires men to pay significant fee for divorcing his wife (agreed before marriage), what many men do is torture their wives until they demand divorce and give up their right to the payment. I should mention that men keep their children after the divorce.

After all this, there are some who will tell you Islam is feminist! In reality, Islam is a perfect fit for incel men. Add to fact why some may see justification to marry young girls as copying Muhammad and the image gets more disturbing.

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