Is there free speech in Islam?

Anyone who says that Islam respects free speech or freedom of religion does not even understand the basic history of Islam or Islamic teachings. Starting with Muhammad, he did not tolerate critics or people who used poetry or politics to challenge him. From Abu Lahab who ended up being cursed in the Quran and killed after the fall of Mecca, to Umm Qirfa who was an old lady and the leader of an opposing tribe who got killed by having two camels run in opposite directions till she got split in two for writing poetry critical of him, Nadhir Ibn Harith who challenged Muhammad on the science of the Quran and asked challenging questions and got his head chopped..and many more you can read here:

So, what we hear in the news about Salman Rushdie should not surprise us. If Salman had lived in Muhammad’s days, he would not have survived this long. But we should never take this incident lightly. We should all condemn it and expose Islam’s and Muhammad’s violence towards its critics as nothing less than cowardness from having anyone challenge their teaching. How can you, with all honesty, claim you have a religion that is the undisputed truth yet anyone who dares to challenge this truth should be eliminated?? How can you honestly say it is free choice to accept Islam when those who leave it becomes liable for execution for simply leaving or expressing why they left? Stop kidding yourself. If this was another religion, you would be the first to point out that this is ridiculous and sounds more like a cult.  Without threats, without violence, without forced slavery, Islam would have never expanded. Fact: Truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does not like being challenged.

What is Salman Rushdie accused of? In Satanic Verses was the first blockbuster book to expose a well hidden in the Quran when Muhammad received revelation from Satan and included them in the Quran! Research it. It is all over Islamic sources. He is targeted because he exposes it as evidence of Islam being made up!

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