Another Hadith fairytale : Adam’s height

There are three fundamental problems with the Islamic claim of Adam and Eve. Let’s start with the hadith above:

1. Given the earth gravity, this human would have collapsed under their own weight. The tallest dinosaur is 18 meters. It is simply not possible.

2. All archeological evidence collected turned out large dinosaur bones – never humans. Even when we found humanoids from the human evolution period some 200,000 years ago, shows if anything, we used to be shorter.

3. We have so much evidence of human evolution right now. But not one single evidence that we came from mud, dirt, or clay as the Quran claims. Again, the Quran claim came from a the belief from the ancient times that we are made from these things – why? Ancient people who opened old graves would see bones and soil. So, they speculated our composition. But the soil they see is product of maggots and decomposition. We are 69% water, on average, as organic matter. Muhammad did not know that, so Allah did not know that.
Those who insist to defend we were tall as humans have to admit that the only way we, the descendents of Adam, have became shorter is by EVOLUTION!! THINK ABOUT IT.
Of course, not true. All photos shared by my brothers and sisters suggesting photos of giants human bones are fake photoshopped photos, started in 1999 when a Canadian man entered a photoshop competition and won using this photo.

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