Daniel’s car crash debate with InspiringPhilosophy

Every time a debate involving Daniel against non-Muslims or other Muslims with unconventional views – a circus  of Abduls and Aishas follow with pre-scripted comments like:
– You have been completely destroyed!
– You have been humiliated!
– Close your channel, you are done!
– Science proves Islam is true!

Worse more you get non-muslims who kind of agree with them, enforcing the view of those Dawah that they have won. As an academic, I dislike these kinds of debates. On the spot, people throw sources and references – and who has the time to check them! You can have 100 studies that says X and one or two studies says Y – that does not mean you can claim Y be a reliable source! Some studies could be misinterpreted intentionally or otherwise. I prefer the academic debate where a transcript is sent and we are given enough time to examine the argument and sources.

InspiringPhilosophy busted Daniel Pinocchioo for citing studies claiming sex between an adult and underage has no harm to the children. He has been citing these as his keynote sources. Not only did this study turn out to be a Y (not consistent with other studies) but worse, it was only talking about HOMOSEXUAL relationship between adult men and boys. All Daniel did was read the Abstract (research summary) and never looked at it in detail. In fact, it advised that older men who have sexual relationships with girls is very harmful for the girls.

How Daniel managed to keep a straight face after that, is beyond me. I suppose when you are good at lying, you can do anything.

And finally, for once, his circus of followers did not respond to him like mindless sheep! They saw the disastrous debate and they know it is Daniel who had completely humiliated and destroyed.

A must see debate InspiringPhilosophy : https://youtu.be/FfEUXndMFXA

And if you want to let Daniel Pinocchioo hear your views on how disastrous his car crash debate was, you can do it here: https://youtu.be/n4joxQUkf-w

PS: I don’t agree with InspiringPhilosophy religious views but I commend him for doing his detailed research of Daniel’s previous debates and showing up well prepared. That is exactly how I would have wanted to do it. And to be fair to those who debated him before, we go into these debates trusting the other person will be honest and only after a few of debates that the liars are exposed.

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