Who built the Kaaba first?

The claim that Adam built the Kaaba is not in the Quran, but in the Hadith and there is some dispute about its authenticity as it partly contradicts the Quran – although apologists suggest that Adam built it first and it got neglected destroyed over time, so Abraham fixed it. Why doesn’t the Quran say that? It is an excuse we have no authentic source to back it. What is more ridiculous is why would Allah need a house for us to worship towards? Isn’t He everywhere? And if Allah is running this world like a clock and built is vast universe out of nothing…why He cannot protect His holy house?

I bet you did not know this. After Muhammad died, the Kabaa was destroyed 20 time and rebuilt. One time the blackstone was stolen for 22 years by the Qarmatians. It was smashed to little pieces and used in a toilet hole. That is why we only have fragments of it. This special meteorite rock that even Allah could not protect. So much for the supreme power of Allah.

Muhammad mocked the pagans of Mecca when he defaced and pulled their statues down saying “Where are these useless gods you worship? Why they are not here to defend their statues?” This angered the pagan who have coexisted with other faiths, including many tribes and people of the book (Christianity and Judaism). Pagans of Mecca, when they did get angry with Muhammad, is because he was the one who would not respect their faith and not the other way around.

So, here we say as Ex-Muslims, where was Allah to defend his house? Or were we worshiping a useless god too? In those 22 years when the cornerstone of house of Allah was stolen and Kaaba destroyed, in what direction did the Islamic Umma pray to?

Search any engine Kaaba destruction and read. I have read it in multiple sources but Wikipedia as a good summary of these incidents. Click the link, scroll to Kaaba history – in that section read “After Muhammad”


See my other posts where I show evidence that the Blackstone is just a meteorite worshipped by pagans. You can buy your own meteorite on eBay and worship towards that, see how ridiculous you will feel!!

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