Iron falling from the sky Miracle of the Quran debunked

Iron falling from the sky must be the most exhausted miracle of the Quran that has been milked by Dawah pages for the last five years. We now know that Iron is falling from the sky is a well known fact in Muhammad’s time. Ancient Egyptians used iron from meteorites as daggers for their kings (Google it and read about Tutankhamun’s meteoric iron daggers). Arabs knew iron falls as meteorite rock and had wondered where it is coming from! In fact, the Blackstone of the Kaaba is a meteorite rock and used to be a very heavy metal iron rock before it was stolen and broken into smaller pieces. The Quran never said all iron falls from the sky! It was simply refering to what many Arabs knew about rocks falling from the sky!

Now what about the word “sent down” (أنزل) is sent down in singular.  The Quran has used it for Iron أنزلنا  in plural and the same word أنزل for cattle. And again, because it is so embarrassing and rather stupid to say “Allah sent down cattle”, so in recent times, and other websites replaced it with “Created” but if you click on the word, there is absolutely no dispute what it is saying. This old website still shows the original translations:

What we forget is that no one challenged Muhammad on these facts (life comes from water, iron falls from the sky, the process of Embryology…) Because they knew this. If anything, the Kuffar mocked him for “repeating what they already know” Quran 25:5 and Quran 16:103-104. The Quran never claimed it has secrets or miracle information as the challenge for its authenticity. It claimed the linguistically it cannot be done (debunked – search YouTube for the القرآن الجديد) and that the Quran is free from errors Quran 4:82 ( there are over 200 scientific errors in the Quran here:

And just like that we can debunk all scientific claims of miracles of the Quran.

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