The Night of Power!!

Laylat AlQadir, or the night of POWER! Is stated in the Quran to be a miraculous night when the angels descend on Earth and peace takes hold and all the prayers get accepted. Wait, aren’t angels always with us recording our deeds? No wait. What is special about this night? It is supposedly the night the first verse came to Prophet Muhammad. But Muhammad was very evasive as to the exact date…he was not sure. This amazing and miraculous night happens in the last week of Ramadan (when Ramadan as month of fasting did not exist yet).

This spectacular night is said to happen on 24th of Ramadan or 27th or any day between the 24th and 27th. So, it could be the 25th or 26th. And because we always have a dispute between different countries and sects as to the start of Ramadan, the margin of errors of +/-1 day meaning it could be 23rd to 28th. Some spend all those six nights praying for a wish on that night will be always granted, specifically those with terminal ill relatives. Sounds fair, but no, nothing has ever been proven to happen on any special night in Ramadan that is not comparable any other month.

So here is what really happened. Muhammad said there is a night when all miracles happen, people believed and prayed accordinfly. Yet nothing happened. So he suggested he got the day wrong and promised next year it is definitely a different day, and just like that from year to year he bounced between days and people gullibility followed. Could Muhammad not ask Allah or angel Gabriel what night it is? No. Why? Because no war ever stopped on that night, no famine eased, no Islamic hospitals miraculously reported batches of people cured in one night, and nothing…it can be added to the many empty promises we got in Islam.

Laylat Al Qadir, night of POWER…Not really, year after year another lie casing a carrot on a string. The biggest carrot is that lie of eternal the claim of the brothel-heaven. That is the one worse one, where it turns otherwise honest, good, wise and clever people to doing something subhuman. Killing with the belief it would get them there faster. Now you see why this is so sad.

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