Almahdi of Shia

Happy 1141 years in hiding!

In my research of Islam, I took huge interest in how Shia and Sunni look differently on the story of the Mahdi. And I have some bad news. The Wahabi sources insist he was killed and buried in an unmarked grave in the desert of Iraq. I know you will strongly disagree… But it makes sense. Many of the 12 descendents of Ali were killed, they were the targets for assassination, poisoning, beheading, kidnappings.. And every time this would happen, Shia would revolt. So when their Yazidis managed to kill off the last descendent (who’s real name is Muhammad Ibn Hassan) and Shia went into complete denial that he is dead … They called him Al-Mahdi and a cult following followed. The argument around hiding his grave is that the Yazidis did not want another shrine which they believe is a major sin… So you can see how the story goes and how every year they say…”this year Al Mahdi is coming..” Al Mahdi is dead. Shia been saying he is coming this year for 1140 years and they will continue to say it for the next 1140 years and more… What a shame!!!

To stay entertained, stories have been invented on what to expect when he finally arrives.
He is believed to rule the entire world , kill the #dajjal #antiChrist and also he will be the killer of #Satan, he will also kill the people of all other religions and he will finish the #Sunni Muslims he will also kill the #shia who are not “proper” Shia wow, who’s left?

After this murder spree he is believed to keep a 40 year rule of prosperity , happiness and peace.
After that the imam will be murdered by a woman (Why? Because in Islam women are bad)!! And the world will end and #Allah will call out the judgement day. If we know all this, what is the point of the 40 years of prosperity? What a load of bullshit.

Telling people the world is ending soon is not unique to one specific religion. All major religions engage in scare tactics. Muhammad, not least, did not ever call for the Quran to be put together as a book in his lifetime, because the end of the world was supposed to happen very soon.
Check out this authentic hadith:
And next 4 hadiths: 7050, 51, 52, 53.

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