Black dogs and Islam

Arabic and Islamic social media went absolutely bunkers when a cute cat jumped on a Shiekh while he was praying and looked all happy. My brothers and sisters are filling up comments on how our prophet LOVED cats and they are clean. Just imagine, just for one moment, that it was a black dog!! Why? What difference would it have been?
Muhammad had an irrational fear of black dogs!! Go to website and search “black dog” and you will find 19 hadith, all demonizing black dogs.

Bullshit. Black or white, any pet expert will tell you that dogs are classified by their breed and not their colour!! And why devil? Just because Muhammad had irrational fear, he called them devils, thousands of innocent dogs got killed in Arabia over this hadith. And beyond that, dog (man’s best friend) became our enemy!! Is there science to back it? No. Scientists insist dogs are friendly, and their saliva is cleaner than that of cats! They is no animal more loyal and loving, absolutely dedicated to being your companion as dogs. They are responsible for saving countless lives as rescue, protection, and even helping blind people all around the world be independent. On mental health, they help every person struggling with depression or loneliness as they are the one animal that will give you unconditional love! While some would say that they are excellent judge of character, it may explain why they did not like Muhammad and Muhammad did not like them. As to the choice of colour, let’s face it Muhammad had an unconscious racism with blacks. We see that in the Hadith and even in the Quran 3:106.

If this is yet another evidence that Muhammad was inventing Islam based on his preferences and his rationalisation…has nothing to do with reality or science.

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