Scientific Miracles of the Quran are no miracles.

You probably seen or heard hundreds of Islamic claims and YouTube videos of scientific miracles of the Quran. But have you checked the debunks of these claims?

Take the claim I find very common that the Quran makes a miraculous claim when it says:

“….And We created from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” Quran 21:30

Thales of Miletus is a Greek Philosopher who suggested water is the source of all living things some 1000 years before Muhammad. You probably saw loads of YouTube videos of people claiming the Quran is a miracle because “No one knew this at the time”. This turned out to be bullshit. One group of debunkers have found that all those supposedly Quranic miracles were common knowledge as they have been mentioned by ancient researchers. You can the video here:

Muhammad did not come up with new teachings of Islam. Independent historians can see that Islam is based on the religions of that time.

People in the days of Muhammad used to say: “Muhammad only repeats what he learned” and they were right. Muhammad learned many of these faith from his maternal uncle Waraqah Ibn Nawfal who was a priest in Christianity and Judaism. For many historians who look at Islam from an objective lense, Islam is a branch of Judaism, linked with Christianity for continuity, blended with Zoroastrianiam for creativity, and mixed with Arabian mythology such as Jinns and direction of prayer to Mecca.

No one claimed that Muhammad was making wild claims when the Quran said “we made from water everything alive” they knew that already. No one was surprised when the Quran said iron comes from the sky, they saw meteorites carry metal and they knew that already as did many other cultures before Islam. If you watch the video above to learn more about wild claims of “Quranic miracles” that are in fact common knowledge. Modern science may have “reconfirmed” them but they were already known at the time.

If you want to put the Quran and Muhammad to a real test, check the scientific errors!!

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