Corruption in Islamic countries

I would say Islamic countries are no different to most other third world countries, but this is not true. We hold 9 out of 10 bottom positions for worse corrupted countries including several with the world Islamic in the country titles or supposedly apply Islamic shariah.  It is having many ways to clean your sins in Islam that does not include punishment (unless you are caught) that means many people will try to cheat the system that it makes it impossible to stop!

Take Afghanistan when the Taliban first took over again. There were people who are taking sides on the topic of Taliban and what is happening in Afghanistan.

There were some who were suggesting we give them a chance. Maybe they will turnout to be a model state of Islam.

There were some who already suggesting they do not represent Islam.

And then the majority who quietly hope they are good but dread they are bad. And what do we have so far? If this is not a fail state suppressing women and unable to look after its people, I don’t know how bad it had to become before you notice.

This situation reminds me of the start of the IS in Iraq and Syria. We were in this exact situation. And for a while, ISIS tried to model itself a futuristic state with health care that beats that of the West. With sharing of oil money and wealth, with social security income for disabled and widows… seriously, if you were too young or forgotten, take a look at the start of ISIS. But this façade did not last long. As soon as they started filming the implementation of Shariah Law, the sway of people who initially supported them turned quiet while secretly hoping it is just a phase. On Arabic and Islamic social media, ISIS supporters reminded loud and vocal but less visible, using anonymous accounts, and screaming “ISIS is here to remain and expand” even as they lost everything!

Islam is never the solution to governance. It is a tried and tested approach and had failed every single time! It only leads to more corruption and moves us away from progress.

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