Quran’s view of a geocentric Earth

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He is right for Qur’an mentions a few times that the sun and the moon travel in an orbit, but does not mention once that the Earth has an orbit. This is consistent with an Earth-centered (geocentric) view of the cosmos that places a motionless Earth at the center of the universe and all “heavenly bodies” travel around the Earth. This was the prevailing understanding of the universe prior to the 16th century. Tellingly, the sun’s orbit is almost always mentioned in the context of night and day and is always mentioned with that of the moon, which does in fact orbit the Earth each month, and to a naive observer seems to traverse the sky each night when it is visible.

And a sign for them is the night. We remove from it [the light of] day, so they are [left] in darkness. And the sun runs toward its stopping point…..
Qur’an 36:37-40

And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all in an orbit are swimming.

Quran 21:33

Some try to explain away the above Qur’anic description of the sun moving in an orbit as a reference to our sun orbiting the black hole at the center of the milky way galaxy every 225 million years. This is an Ad hoc hypothesis, of no relevance to human time scales, and nothing from the text implies that the sun is orbiting anything other than the Earth. If the author had knowledge of the sun orbiting a black hole then why he mentions the sun’s orbit relative to that of the moon!

By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour; By the Moon as she follows him;

Qur’an 91:1-2}

Abraham said, ‘Indeed Allah brings the sun from the east; now you bring it from the west.’ So the disbeliever was overwhelmed [by astonishment], and Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

Quran 2:258

And the Hadith confirms that Muhammad believes the earth is centre of our universe:


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