Is Allah Santa Claus every night?

This hadith is authentic and has been reported by multiple people including Aisha and Abu Hurirah as well as Ali Ibn Abi Talib. I counted 51 different times according to Sunnah website

For the not brainwashed among you, you will spot a problem with this hadith. Muhammad believe, like many people of his time, that the Earth is flat! On a flat Earth, we all experience night at the same time and day at the same time. Thus the Friday prayer is supposedly all the “world” that comes together to pray at the same time! But of course, this is not correct. We live on a round Earth, this minute somewhere on Earth it is night as specifically set in the Hadith, and a few minutes after that it moves and moves and moves…never stopping. Allah has turned into Santa Claus trying to get to all the kids in one night!! You may argue by saying “so what, it is possible!” Of course, if Allah is constantly on the move. But read the Hadith carefully, it does not say He is constantly on the move, or he travels horizontally to reach all nations… In the context of how it is set out, it is clear that “for a moment” this skydaddy appears to grant wishes and disappears. And if this was really true…I challenge you, why do you even pray in the mornings, afternoon, or sunset if Allah is not in the “near heaven” to hear you? And wait wait… whatever happened to the concept of Allah is all around us all the time!! You see what a mess this is. You need IQ to see these issues, you just need to be a sponge to accept them without thinking. Welcome to Islam. Now say SubhanAllah!!.

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